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Editorial credit: Krista Kennell /

While most people know of California’s left-leaning Governor Jerry Brown you may not have heard of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom who intends to be our next Governor as Jerry is termed out. Hard left Gavin’s legislative focus is gun control. Gavin thinks it’s a winner as “Who can be against it.” This is the thinking process of the man who let Kimberly Guilfoyle get away! He was married to the Fox news beauty, former San Francisco Prosecutor, when he was the Mayor of San Francisco and a wide range of stories circulated when they split; none are worth repeating.

Gavin was Redwood High School and Santa Clara University graduates which do not brand him as high born, but having co-founded businesses with family friend Gordon Getty the Newsoms had big bucks some time. Gavin got his start in politics in 1996 when San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown appointed him to the city’s Parking and Traffic Commission, then made him a member of the Board of Supervisors the next year! Newsom got voter attention with his Care Not Cash program, designed to move homeless folk into city-assisted care, likely crystallizing his socialist leanings.

In 2003 he was elected 42nd Mayor of San Francisco, the city’s youngest in 100 years and re-elected in 2007 with 72 percent of the vote! He was then elected Lieutenant Governor of California in 2010 and re-elected in 2014.

Editorial credit: Krista Kennell /

In February 2015, Newsom announced he was opening a committee to run for Governor of California in 2018 and appears to be a shoo-in, even by ex-wife Kimberly who has said on Fox, “He will be the next Governor of California” and we think that would be big mistake.

Gavin documented ultra-liberal leanings with Proposition 63 and apparently thinks he can ride it to the Governor’s mansion. Official estimates are for six million gun owners of the 38 million Californians, but we think that number is low in terms of political impact if Gavin is thinking, “It’s only 16%! One in six!” There ten million households in California and if six million have guns that is 60% and frankly we think the percentage much higher.

While it has made little national press one crime California has with increasing frequency is home invasion. Many folks are now growing Marijuana and it is easily the biggest cash crop in rural counties. It is a cash business and many growers keep their money at home rather than attract a lot of attention at a bank bringing in buckets of $100 notes. You would be amazed to see how many loads of groceries are bought in California with $100 bills. As well, there is considerable marijuana trade done in silver and gold coins, rounds and ingots, hence the home invasions.

NRA stickers on mailboxes plus “Armed Response” signs are common in rural California and the defense weapons of choice are semi-automatic 9mm and 45 caliber pistols all of which have greater than ten shot magazines. No ten shot magazines are made for these pistols. The nature of pistol combat is that you need a lot of bullets as they are very hard to shoot with accuracy and especially in a home invasion situation. In effect Mr. Newsome is asking we who live in rural California to disarm ourselves and there are very few local law enforcement folk who will sympathize with that law. In this one act Mr. Newsom has written the obituary to his political career. Why can we understand that?

Let us not forget the Second Amendment says: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Taking the magazines from our guns is clearly an infringement as it disables them. And since when do criminals obey laws? Is not their disregard of laws the reason we call them criminals? The law is now stuck in a court and should be stricken. It is a most ridiculous law in our history and should well bring an end to the career of Gavin Newsom, the man who lost Kimberly Guilfoyle in the Peoples Democratic Republic of California.

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