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The Common Sense Platform for American Leadership:


  • On Illegal Immigration:

Abolish “selective legislation”. Either secure the border and enforce the laws, or open the border, get rid of the border patrol, and allow everyone who wants in to simply come on in regardless of where they’re from, what their agenda might be or, for that matter, how many of them there are. To spend billions on partially securing the border, or having a border patrol only to look the other way and have “sanctuary cities” and overlooked laws to accommodate a particular voting block is fundamentally wrong. If the people who are “compassionate” about illegal immigration were intellectually honest, they would simply endorse no borders at all and no border patrol. That’s not what they’re advocating though. To me, it’s one or the other. Politically posturing in the middle is thin, weak, expedient, and without solid conviction.


  • On Politicians:

Abolish the “perpetual campaign”:

It’s simple, if someone holds public office and they want to pursue higher office, let them step down from their current position. You cannot effectively represent your constituency while campaigning. If a councilman wants to run for mayor, he must resign his council seat. If a Senator wants to run for President, he must resign his seat at the end of the term prior to the election. This will keep life-long politicians out of office and limit those who run to those who have the convictions to step aside and focus on the campaign and the issues at hand. They would have more to lose and, therefore be more dedicated and less plentiful.


  • On Congress:

Any piece of new legislation has to fit on one piece of paper. This keeps everything transparent and limits the lobbyists.


  • On Taxes:

Simplify. Eliminate the “Tax Code”. Make everyone pay a flat %. The rich will pay more than the poor, but everybody would pay something.


  • On Veterans:

Abolish the VA. Give every veteran a “choice card” and let them go to any doctor or hospital they want. The expense would pale in comparison to the waste, fraud and abuse at the VA.


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