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We are driven to abrupt change in politics because socialism has proved to be in basic, conceptual error. We have been indoctrinated in socialism gradually, but now we are revolting against a theory that is just plain wrong. The only choice we have is to discard it completely. Marxist socialism is based on one social theory, based on one disproven mathematical theory which has led to all the contradictions, conflicts and decay in our society.

The theoretical cause is Hegel’s concept of right and wrong. Hegel postured that if +A is art and -A is garbage, both are art because both are A. Cantor disproved that inclusion by his set theory 40 years after the death of Hegel, but Marx emerged with his “Scientific Socialism” 20 years after Hegel’s death, giving it time to take root.

The error is the same in different words — In Marxism, he states Thesis plus; antithesis minus; synthesis ideal. Good plus, bad minus, average bad, ideal. It is a compelling fallacy for those who fear excellence, because it requires no effort. And it always leads to a worsening of society.

The ability to judge was weakened by Hegel’s predecessor, Immanuel Kant in one book, his “Critique of Pure Reason” which politicians and plutocrats found useful because it placed “belief” on an equal plane with reason. Both the politicians and the religious fanatics found it useful to indoctrinate instead of inform. It most came into prominence in Marxist socialism so they could say that no one need prove things for themselve when they could rely on their “belief in” experts.

Socialism has pushed for the average bad, in making, judging and enforcing law, and thus in the ethics and morality of the society in general, on a global scale. It has led to an authoritarianism of thought which has led to suffocating “political correctness,” thought control and reticence to judge right from wrong. This attitude must be eliminated completely, and can only be eliminated by the outright revolt of waking up and thinking for ourselves.

And the only way people can wake up is to wake up. It is not gradual, it is a tsunami that begins with one person waking up another, then another then another. People may be hypnotized en masse, but when they begin to wake up, it happens exponentially. What you see as drastic is a movement that has been going on for more than 40 years, when people began to see the flaw, for themselves in glorifying the average bad above the common good.

Socialism is the disease. Thinking for yourself is the cure.


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