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Headlines are like the sales pitch of a con-man; all they want is your attention!
[Breaking News from   FRI. NOV 30, 2018]
Headlines on the News today:
(House Democrats’ First Bill Targets Trump Tax Returns)**

     (Mueller Eyes Ivanka and Don Jr.’s Work on Trump Tower Moscow)***
——–            ——–                 ——–               ——–            ——-
** Your own first….
*** Investigate Mueller first….

Is this all the Democrats have to work on? Spending tax dollars seems to be their single most important agenda. The Mueller investigation, targeting the non-existent “Russia Collusion” by Donald Trump, has already cost the American taxpayer millions, and all they have after more than 1 1/2 yrs, is getting a few of his people on charges relating to their own activities from many years ago.

It appears the Russia situation was just a private real estate deal that was in the works before he announced his candidacy, and that ceased when he announced. And I am sure it took time to unwind all the agreements relating to that, and therefore it was still on the radar for a short period.

I would dare anyone on the Mueller panel to provide proof of their squeaky-clean life to date. I refer to tax evasion under off-shore accounts, bribery is hidden in “contributions”, and payoffs to women they have spent time with.

This is not just “….the kettle calling the stove black …” this is the chimney calling the stove and the kettle black.

I am extremely upset that all this money is being spent, and now with the House in their control, they will spend more to continue with ridiculous investigations. And they do nothing about all the indiscretions committed by the Democratic Committee, and the individual Democrats, during the campaign.

If anyone took the time to look, and the Media took the time to report it to the people, we would see a great deal of voter fraud and questionable activity; the most of which would point directly to the Democrats.

My voter registration does not truly paint a picture of my party preferences. I am not a 100% Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or anything else. I am strictly a very independent voter. I am totally against straight-line voting. I will not allow anyone else to tell me how to vote.

Voting is one of our most treasured privileges, responsibilities, and rights. I feel I am exercising my independent rights as an American, and proudly so when I vote. The ability to vote independently also comes under another treasured right, and that is “free speech”!!

It is beyond my comprehension to understand the actions and words of many Liberal Democrats. Do they not hear themselves? Do they not think through what they are actually saying? Have many been so strongly indoctrinated by the Liberal Socialistic followers that they do not have a clue as to what they are promoting?
God help us.

The Republicans and any other political faction are certainly not perfect. That is why we have the freedom to vote and freedom of speech; to voice our opinions, and to let them be known to our Representatives.

In our World today, we have access to much that is carried out in our Government; from the daily activities of Congress to the individual voting records of our Representatives.

It is like a shot-in-the-dark to contact one directly. Mostly their staff pours through their mail and makes the decision of what to send on.

Perhaps we could go to our own Town Board meetings. Get the messages to them, and press them to follow up for you. I have, and it has worked. You can work through the mud and the mire, and you can get answers and support.

It takes time, but don’t let that deter you. Unless you are sensitive to frustration and delays, you can get there. Perseverance is the key. When you think of the time, also think of the fact that “….someone has to throw the ball to get it rolling…”.

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