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“We’ve come a long way, baby”. You’ve probably heard this idiom at one time or another, even perhaps said it yourself on occasion when expressing the progress we’ve made in this nation. But for some, part of what I call the grievance industry, one steeped in bigotry and moral turpitude; all the progress, invention and innovation we have seen are nothing more than fruit from a forbidden tree and having little if any meaning, even though these same hypocrites have reaped the rewards and taken full advantage of all the amenities in life that America has offered over the years.

As I have written before, the contributions of Western Civilization to the world are part of the historical record and undisputable. Yet in post modern America we are witnessing a movement to undermine a people, and perpetuate falsehoods and relegate all of the advancements we’ve made to the trash heap of history. The focus and victims of this nefarious movement of racial hatred and intolerance are Caucasians, white people, the descendants of Western Civilization who have become, in the minds of some, social outcasts.

The most outspoken and vociferous of this radical element, who believe white people are the cause of all the world’s ills, can be found today on college and university campuses, in politics, and the media, and are composed of students, leftist professors, liberal democrats and journalists, and all their co-conspirators in positions of power.

Some might say, Bob you’re exaggerating and that this is merely a few cultural malcontents who for whatever reasons seek to impose their own set of rules and standards on the majority, yes, and white folk are still in fact the majority in America. But just to give those who question my alarm and immediate concern in this matter, which I hope will sound as a clarion call to anyone who might not be aware of what is going on in America today, to pay attention, and whenever you might encounter this kind of tyranny, speak out.

Here are several cases in higher education of courses and other venues being given for what I believe is an all out effort by these leftist professors and community activists to impose their radical progressive agenda for the purpose of indoctrinating students and other unwitting youth: (These are but a few.)

*Arizona State University- Problems of Whiteness

* Arizona State University- Whiteness and race theory

* Suny Binghamton University (NY)- Stop white racism

* Hunter College (NY)- Abolition of whiteness

* University of Wisconsin- The problems of whiteness

* Stanford University- White identity politics

* Ohio State University- Racism 101

* Florida Gulf Coast University- White racism

* University of Colorado, Denver- Problematizing whiteness

* Cal State, San Marco- Held a “Whiteness Forum” to look at white privilege

* Pomona College- Started an all-white club to combat white privilege

* University of Vermont- Had an all-white, white privilege retreat

The Oxford Research Library has references on: (These are but a few)

* Whiteness, racism, and white supremacy

* White supremacy and the system of privilege

* White privilege- A cultural analysis

* Simplistic solutions that those who benefit from ‘white’ privilege off the hook

* The system of oppression behind ‘white’ privilege

* Negative white privilege and complicity

Conservative writer David Horowitz draws this distinction between whiteness studies and other analogous disciplines; “black studies celebrate blacknessChicano studies celebrate Chicano, woman studies celebrate women, and white studies attacks white people as evil”. And Barbara Kay, a columnist for the National Post criticized whiteness studies, writing that it “points to a new low in moral vacuity and self-loathing” and is an example of “academic pusillanimity.” According to Kay, whiteness studies “cuts to the chase: It is all, and only, about white self-hate”.

What I have covered here in this article for many will come as no surprise. Although most of the mainstream media have tended to ignore this troubling situation, it has been reported on Fox News, and in the conservative media, especially on the internet and other venues. And to show how dangerous and bigoted this anti-Caucasian crusade is becoming, something occurred last week that gave me pause and great concern.

Let’s referred to it as, out of the mouths of babes; an impressionable, perhaps confused and mislead youth spewing radical bigotry. It seems the agenda is slowly making its way down from colleges and universities, and has now made its first appearance in a New York City high school debate competition where a 15 year old African American girl gave all of us deplorable a good talking to.

This gullible impressionable young girl spoke about white privilege, white racism, and white supremacy. Now unless someone, parent or guardian, steps in an explains to this girl and her fellow students that she needs to fully rethink what this means, and then understand what the repercussions of her words could create, this will only metastasize.

For now she has become a victim, indoctrinated by the usual suspects in the grievance industry made up of radical leftists of all colors and stripes in the media and entertainment industries, politics and Black Lives Matter and the rest of the delusional, hysterical America-haters. And yes, she won the debate competition.

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