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“It’s so fun.”

No, it isn’t. It may be so much fun, or a lot of fun, but it’s so fun calls you out as a duh-huh.

Believe me, I’m no grammatical expert, but when I hear something that is obviously wrong, it’s as if someone was scratching the chalkboard with their fingernails.  My take on the school systems of today is that no one, or very damn few, are actually teaching anything…rather they are indoctrinating the children(and young adults) to be “just smart enough” to function in society, but not smart enough to question anything.  It must be working because listening to college students give stupid or no answers to basic questions turns my stomach.   They have no concept of American history…none!   Spelling, because of abbreviations on phone texts, has gone done the tubes.

Something that has puzzled me of late.

The American Revolution, the war that began the United States, started in Boston and spread through most of the area known as New England.  Back then the people were fiercely independent, so much so, in fact, that they challenged the crown of England and in a bitter fight, defeated the mighty British army.   How is it then, that the bastion of freedom that was New England has deteriorated into something resembling the Pied Piper of Hamelin?  The reference is to a “leader” if you will, of willing subjects…in this case a large portion of the student bodies of most of the schools in that birthplace of independence, who are now being indoctrinated into the worst kind of systems…Socialism, Liberalism and, in some instances, Communism…but they don’t call it that.  The irony of the situation is that they’re being told that free speech is good, but only if it concurs with their way of thinking.   The United States Constitution, with the various amendments, are(in my not-so-humble opinion) the absolute best set of laws anywhere in the world.

That brings me to my next rant…about law and justice.

All the laws in the world, unless they are enforced, will not keep someone from doing something that they should not be doing.  It’s that simple.  A person, intent on doing harm to someone, is not going to worry about breaking the law.  Now, it’s true that murders have been committed by people who legally obtained weapons, and there is no way that I know of to prevent that…especially if the perpetrator has no criminal record and never indicates that he is going to do the crime.   Ahh…I can hear the anti-gunners crowing that we need to take all the guns away from citizens.   Look around… see the countries where citizens do not possess guns?   What do they look like?  See Venezuela, Cuba, and Syria, just to name a few?   When a government, whether it be local, state, or federal, discovers that it can do anything it wants, you can bet your life(and you will) that the citizens will suffer.  Our founding fathers anticipated that event and wrote into law that citizens can bear arms, and not just for hunting as some folks might claim, but to resist a tyrannical government.  The various states in our country have differing laws about open carry, but they all understand that a citizen has the right to own weapons.

Probably everyone knows what a pun is…right?  There are two “puns” that irk me tremendously and they are  PUNctuation and PUNctuality.

In reading notes or posts on social media networks, it is painfully obvious that people, in general, do not have a clue as to how to spell common-usage words, how or where to put an apostrophe and when to stop babbling.   I recently saw this sentence used to illustrate the importance of punctuation: Let’s eat Grandpa.  If you look at that you see a cannibalistic family about to dispose of the older male.   However, just the insertion of a comma after the word “eat” changes the whole sentence to one of an invitation to a meal.   What about punctuality, eh?  If my appointment with someone is for a certain time my arrival will usually be about fifteen minutes ahead.  That’s partially due to Navy training where you relieve the watch early so that you can receive any special orders or instructions.  It’s also partially due to the fact that when an appointment time is set, and the other party doesn’t show up, or doesn’t notify me, somehow, that they will be late, that gets me thinking that I’m just not that important to them.   You make an appointment for a reason.  You and the other person have something to do, to discuss, to get signed…whatever it might be, you have to do it together.   One person does not make for an appointment.

Parting shot: With all the hoopla surrounding the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions to be the new Attorney General, one might have thought that he would “hit the ground running” and there would be trials, indictments, and prison time for a lot of people from the former administration.  So far, and there may be stuff going on behind the scenes about which I know nothing, but so far it’s so quiet you could hear grass grow.  Maybe what’s needed is an old-fashioned lawyer in the mold of William Jennings Bryan or Clarence Darrow…someone that yells…someone that breathes fire and brimstone into the proceedings…someone that gets the job done.  Where is that person today?

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