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It has become abundantly clear that many major universities have transformed themselves from institutions of higher learning to overpriced day care centers for today’s impressionable youth.

In my day a “safe space ” most often referred to a bunker where you would be safe from a Soviet missile heading towards the USA. Today that name means a spot where you can go to not be subjected to any harsh language that might upset you so much that you would cry,  suffer anxiety attacks or have to be given some therapy for traumatic effects. Many of these schools might as well get it over with and just appropriate money for large sand boxes so these delicate flowers can go and play and be supervised by Nanny McPhee until they feel safe enough to return to their learning.

Today a college President’s days are numbered if the revolting unhappy youth deem that he should be fired for not approving their infantile rants and silly demands. It seems that we mush now coddle these sad little beings every whim or else there will be hell to pay.

Clearly they can not tolerate any Conservative speakers or anything that smacks of anything attacked the the Republican Party, guns or white privilege.

There can never be any confederate flags, Donald Trump stickers, or anything that in any way tells these toddlers that America is an exceptional nation.

They will only agree if you say that we should tax the rich at 95%, move criminals into affluent neighborhoods, and let anyone go into any bathroom that they choose depending on what sex they identify with at any given moment of the day.

I think what has happened is that the Chinese have been secretly slipping some toxin into the play toys that these children grew up with and now it has taken effect . The Chinese must be having great fun watching these spoiled delicate toddlers changing our college institutions into Kids -R – Us campuses. These people will graduate with worthless degrees in 17th century history that has as much use for their knowledge as breasts on a boar hog. When the day comes and the Chinese do decide to make their move and march these “educated” buffoons off to the rice fields maybe just maybe the elite liberals will realize that they made an enormous blunder in not taking a stand to these kids years ago sand say ” NO YOU CANT DO THAT AND WE WONT AGREE TO YOUR RIDICULOUS DEMANDS . NOW GET BACK TO CLASS OR GO APPLY AT McDONALD’S AND LET SOMEONE ELSE TAKE YOUR PLACE HERE “

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