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Top Democrat officials admit Obama has instructed his media outlets to create fake news, anonymous sources confessed.  “It’s our job to control what people think.” – Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC

Our brains are not fully developed until we are 25 years old.  There are some, however, who never develop a mature, moral intellect and they become criminals and deceivers.  When these deceivers get into politics they lead foolish people down the path to their own destruction by creating illusions of the world that distort right and wrong.  The secret of the Illusionist is misdirection, distraction, and confusion.  Young liberals glom on to stories manufactured by leftists that affirm their dysfunctional thinking such as phony polls that claim liberals know more science than conservatives.  Every tenet of liberalism is built on a lie.  Leftists warp and distort the truth to fit their own twisted narratives of their alternate reality of alternative facts and truths.  Even the words they use are corruptions of the truth and there is a fine line of understanding of what is right and what is wrong.  They take what you say out of context, and if that doesn’t work then they’ll edit what you say to make it mean what they want like they did to George Zimmerman.  They corrupt the language to change the meaning of words so that when you use proper language it is wrong.  For instance, they hijacked the label liberalism in the early 20th century to disguise that they are totalitarian socialists in the mold of Stalin and Hitler.  They took the name Progressive from Teddy Roosevelt to hide their backwards ideology of making government all-powerful to control the people.  They are actually regressive seeking to destroy American Exceptionalism that is the foundation of liberty.  They corrupt language such as;

  • Climate change – When you say you refer to the scientific fact, but when they say it they mean it is man-made and if you don’t believe in their interpretation of reality then you don’t believe in science.
  • Immigration –When you say you are against illegal immigrants they say you are xenophobes who hate all immigrants, they say Republicans are against immigration, not that you are law-abiding citizens taking a stand against illegal aliens invading your country to steal jobs, benefits, and commit voter fraud for lying Democrats.

Here’s a list of some of liberalism’s biggest lies that are as equally invalid as “Trump’s War on the Media” that is the fakest of fake news:

  • Global warming
  • Immigration
  • Russians hacked the election
  • The Tea Party is the KKK
  • Police are racist murdering lynch mobs
  • Black Lives Matter is not a criminal terrorist group
  • Leftist protests are grassroots movements
  • Islam is peace, not a slave death cult
  • Bush 43 was a doofus
  • Cheney was Darth Vader
  • Reagan was senile
  • Gingrich was a charlatan
  • Romney abused his dog and killed employees

The cognitive dissonance of dysfunctional thinking is what misleads young liberals to follow haters who choose to be victims throughout their lives.  To them the glass is always half empty and they resent others for what they themselves don’t have.  They become the lower class invested in greed and envy, and if they rise in station they become control freaks who want to make others behave as they wish and rule over them.  If you give one of them a compliment such as, “You look nice today,” they immediately reinterpret that to mean they don’t look nice on other days.  They will ask, “Does this make me look fat?” knowing full well that the question is a trap and you are wrong no matter how you answer.  This is how leftists use language to damn you if you do and damn you if you don’t.  It is the foundation of leftist ideology to be self-righteous hypocrites to whom there is no truth besides what they create at the moment.

Just as Star Wars Episode III is a study in how Anakin Skywalker is corrupted by the Dark Side, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a study in how the Left infiltrates, deceives, and corrupts from within.  President Trump is having to deal with leakers and traitors left over from the Obama administration who are trying to undermine and sabotage his efforts to recover America by backstabbing him at every turn.  Trump says his messaging is insufficient for the people to understand what he has accomplished because the media obscures what he is doing.  Obama said the same thing, but his policies were opposite and deliberately obscured by the media to conceal rather than reveal his harmful actions.

In summary, it is always wisest that when you hear it from the liberal media to follow to the old adage, “Believe all of what you see, half of what you read, and none of what you hear.”  Unless you see it spoken from a person’s own lips, unedited and in context, never believe a liberal’s interpretation.  21st century American liberalism is based on hypocrisy and deception, and has all the earmarks of the narcissistic sociopath.  When you understand how such a psychotic person thinks and listen again to Barack Obama and Donald Trump then you will understand why conservatives never believed Obama and do believe Trump.  Every word Obama spoke was always followed by actions that were the opposite of his words, while everything Trump said he will do is exactly what he has done.  That is how you know if a person lies or tells the truth.

20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Psychopaths Use to Silence You

Because young people are still ignorant and uneducated and can easily be indoctrinated into dysfunctional thinking is why Democrats want to lower the voting age to 16.  But this actually needs to be raised to 25 so that young fools do not vote stupidly and make another near fatal mistake as they did in the election of Obama, a demagogue selected under false pretenses.  The Founders initially gave the vote only to those who were mature and responsible enough to own property.  Post-Civil War Republicans foolishly gave the vote to everyone in their efforts to halt Democrat oppression of former slaves, thus making America more of a democracy than a republic.  But this is an error that must be corrected before the rule of the mob corrupted by the minority of leftists destroys this country.

Leftists are all negative all the time

If liberals are to be believed that their climate science is settled, indisputable truth, when one group says that mankind is causing climate change that will negate the occurrence of the next Ice Age, while another group is declaring that mankind is causing the next Ice Age to occur more quickly, what are we to think?  Then they declare that anyone who denies their ability to foretell the future should be imprisoned as psychotics!  If these liberal scientists are so excellent at prognostication then the Farmer’s Almanac should be Gospel Truth.  These are the people who say we are the ones who live in the denial of cognitive dissonance.  Welcome to the dysfunctional world of the Left.

Bill Nye the Science Guy says use Nazism against those who deny liberal lies

Refuting Climate Change is elementary

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