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More than 8-in-10 Americans say the country is more deeply divided on major issues this year than in the past several years, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. With 80% of Americans divided, this country is yearning for a person to unite, not a divider. Is this President-Elect capable of doing this?


With Americans evenly split on whether single-party control of the government, with Republicans in control of both the White House and Congress, is good or bad for the country. An even 49% on each side of that question. Almost 8-in-10, say the Republicans should make an effort to include Democratic policies in any legislation they pass rather than sticking to a GOP-driven agenda. The issue is the millions of independents that are in the middle and are frustrated at best and irritated beyond belief at worst in the center wondering what has happened with both major parties. This has given rise to strong 3rd party candidates, and the opportunity for those 3rd party movements to become real competition for the next election.

“Most Americans say they would like to see President-elect Donald Trump, who won with an Electoral College majority while trailing in the popular vote nationwide, pursue policies that could draw in new supporters rather than appeal solely to those who backed him during the campaign. Less than half, 40%, say that Trump’s win means he has the mandate to pursue the agenda his supporters favor, while 53% say that since he didn’t win the popular vote, he should get behind an agenda that might attract new supporters” stats provided by CNN.


63% of Democrats are dissatisfied with the way democracy in the US is working vs. 47% of Republicans having that belief. America can never come together with so many major party voters as well as the millions of independent and 3rd party voters who in no way can support the RNC or DNC.

“Among white evangelicals, 60% say they are dissatisfied, 62% of rural Americans say the same, and whites without college degrees, a typically GOP-leaning group which broke heavily for Trump in the recent election, are broadly dissatisfied.” Stats from CNN.


The sense that the country is sharply divided is near universal, with 85% saying so overall, including 86% of independents, 85% of Republicans and 84% of Democrats. It’s also sharply higher than it was in 2000 when the nation last elected a president who did not win the popular vote. While Donald Trump and his fickle supporters like to blame Democrats, it is groups like the #newconservativemovement party and The Federalist that have taken hold and are attracting more and more Americans to a new era in politics, where the Constitution, principles, servant leadership, and strong hard workers actually lead America back to the Shining City on a Hill.


America is definitively on the cusp of some real soul searching. Do Americans want to continue with the power hungry parties of the Donkey and Elephant or are they now more open to 4 or more major contenders come national Election time. What are the real needs of the country, and not just talking points, and who do they feel will lead them with a principled honest agenda?

Where do you stand on this day? What are you looking for in your president?


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