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CNN, or the Communist News Network as some fondly call it, has been caught with it’s hand in the cookie jar for the final time. No longer can any reasonable person call CNN a news organization and instead must call it what their own words identify themselves to be: a front group for the Democratic party.


In Wikileaks latest revelations on Sunday evening, in an email entitled “Trump Questions for CNN”, CNN is caught asking the Democratic National Party what questions it would like asked to the Republican candidate for President Donald Trump!!


The email chain begins with Democratic staffer Lauren Dillon writing to various DNC executives and staff: “Wolf Blitzer is interviewing Trump on Tues ahead of his foreign policy address on Wed. Please send me thoughts by 10:30 AM tomorrow. Thanks!” The original email can be found by clicking here.

In response, Kelly Roberts, another DNC employee, provides CNN a series of questions from three other DNC staffers. The full list of questions can be found by clicking here although samples are provided below.

  1. “This is the list Brinster, Sarge and I came up with: – Who helped you write the foreign policy speech you’re giving tomorrow? Which advisers specifically did you talk to? What advice did they give you? Did they give you any advice that you chose not to take?”
  2. “CIA Director Brennan and former CIA Director Hayden have both said that our military and intelligence officers might refuse to follow some of your orders if you were president. What would you do if the military refused to listen to you? Should they be court-martialed if they refuse to follow orders?”
  3. “Do you think American victims of 9/11 should be able to sue Saudi Arabia in court? What role, if any, do you think Saudi Arabia had in the 9/11 attacks?”
  4. “How many military bases do you think the U.S. should have in Southeast Asia?”
  5. “In 2000, you said you supported a pre-emptive strike against North Korea if it would keep them from getting nuclear weapons. Do you still support that?”


Naturally these questions were designed and framed to make Donald Trump look like a moron with a number of the questions extremely inflammatory in nature. In some cases, the questions which were posed asked questions about issues from 15 years ago in attempts to make Trump look as un-likeable as possible and others asked questions about topics that were simply irrelevant and played directly into Democratic talking points. This latest example proves once and for all what so many have said over the last decade – CNN, and most of the rest of the mainstream media, is in bed with the Democratic Party and this proves it once and for all.


So then, we all know the score for Tuesday. Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the entire media on one side while Donald Trump, some Republicans, and the American people are on the other.


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