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LIES! LIES! LIES! Remember that song by The Knickerbockers: “Lies! Lies! You’re telling me that you’ll be true!” Hillary has a legion of lying demons. Her father is the Father of Lies!

* Hillary lies that she is the great defender of the middle class! SHE HAS DONE EVERYTHING TO DESTROY THE MIDDLE CLASS!

* Hillary lies that the Clinton Foundation is a tremendous blessing for humanity. BUT THE CLINTON FOUNDATION AS TRUMP SAID IS A CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION.

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And just today, according to her own emails in today’s Wikileaks dump, we see Hillary Clinton transferred billions from the criminal Clinton Foundation to Qatar, where it is theorized she will run to after losing the election to Donald Trump.

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* Hillary lies about her concern for that poor 4-year old in Syrian with blood dripping from his head. BUT SHE SHOWS NO CONCERN FOR THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF INJURED AND BLEEDING HAITI CHILDREN SHE STOLE FROM!


And every time she disagreed with Trump she forced this generic, stock response mocking smile on her face. As Trump said, “This is a nasty lady.”

Indeed, the Marxism long in Hillary’s dark heart holds to no absolutes, no principles of good and evil, merely political expediency for the enslaving goals of international Marxism. And all lying is permissible to attempt to reach this America-destroying goal!

NBC showed no partiality or neutrality to the American viewer. And after the debate, NBC ironically did itself in with the American viewer, as Hillary’s “husband,” Huma Abedin, did not follow her cues to stay behind Hillary and was quite noticeable to the camera and viewer – very reassuring to Hillary’s Muslim donors and voters and new neighbors in Qatar – while Trump was completely neglected, by NBC, for the ritual shaking of hands and greetings, etc.

Now, there’s so much more Trump could have done. Did he opt to be “too Presidential?” Too calm and collected when under fire? There can be no doubt these are major attributes for a President. Yet, one can only agree with Larry Nichols that Trump should have looked straight into the camera and let her have it! Telling the public about her patron Soros and his rigged computers already in 16 states. He could have said he felt deep empathy for Clinton’s black son and won millions of black votes.

But Trump was a very, very patient gentleman. And he probably should have worn his “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” T-shirt. Because the rape will continue if Bill becomes the proxy of Hillary in the UN! (And the controlled media will have done everything in their power to put him there!) If Hillary were elected – dare I say it – president, the UN would finally destroy the Sovereignty of the United States of America!


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