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I am amazed by the gall of Hillary Clinton, the one who lied about Benghazi and got American citizens killed, and for many other deadly gaffs she made in her government role. It is unbelievable that so many people are willing to vote for her, particularly after she lied about thousands of her emails, and said she didn’t know they were supposed to be top secret! The lie is exposed when we learn she made serious steps to scrub her emails from her computer, and got aides to do the same. That is a sure sign of guilt, not of innocence.

So, when the same liar says, against Trump, that only SHE knows how to deal with the terrorists, well, excuse my belly laugh in the wake of New York. She says she is the most qualified because of her experience – another outright belly laugh. Does she mean her experience at deception, NOT dealing with terrorists, and getting Americans killed because of her pro-ISIS stance? Even though it has come out that Muslim migrants caused the bombings in New York, Obama, Clinton and sycophants refuse to call it was it was – another Islamic attack coming from, guess where… Islam (what a big surprise).

Trump, of course, is receiving much noise and anger, simply because he recognises the New York bombings as terroristic and Islamic, and increases his call to hit terrorists hard. This is what every thinking citizen knows must be done. But, with Obama at the helm of his death-ship, the media refuses to back Trump’s obviously right call. Trumps predictions have all come true so far. Clinton’s words are like so much waste paper blowing in the wind, to disintegrate in the rain.

Then comes the wondrously stupid remarks made by the Clinton and Obama sides. They have deliberately skewed the words of son, Donald Trump Jr, who asked in a Tweet, “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you. Would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.” THIS is the truthful approach, NOT bringing in a quarter million Syrians (at least they CLAIM to be Syrians – Europe knows better), an unknown number of whom will be terroristic. His question and logic cannot be assailed, because he is absolutely right, regardless of who people vote for. Indeed, his logic is painful in its accuracy.

It is fact that because we don’t know who are the terrorists (partly because Obama has stopped checking out immigrants), we should stop ALL Muslim migrants from entering the West. The recent New York bombings show this to be the case yet again – but the word ‘Islamic terror’ is avoided by both Clinton and Obama. As others have commented, to combat terrorism one has firstly to identify the enemy. The enemy is Islam itself, and its violent, murderous fanatical adherents, the ones that obey the Koran to the letter. And because this is not acknowledged they grow ever bolder by the day.

Have you watched the countless videos, made by terrorists themselves? Many are grimly laughable as they make fools of themselves as hardened killers! This is why I have always said that boots on the ground, worn by the elite of many countries, SAS, Seals, etc., would swiftly eradicate the bulk of ISIS and others, very quickly. They must NOT be coddled in prisons; they must be put to death judicially on the battle field. This might indeed create a few more ‘martyrs’ – but at least their numbers will decrease as they see it all as a lost cause, when they die. A cancer is not encouraged and fed – it is cut out.

What would have happened if, when Hitler invaded Europe and enslaved millions in his WW2, Churchill and others said “We mustn’t stop Germans doing this, because they will just get angry and attack us”? What if, at the time, Britain allowed Germans into the country unchecked? What if it had not put all Germans in Britain into internment camps? Most were no doubt innocent of any involvement in spying – but there was no way to know who was NOT a spy! Churchill, unlike Obama and Clinton, had true grit. He was Britain’s John Wayne, doing what was right!

So, what’s the difference in the USA? The USA interned all Japanese after Pearl Harbour, after all, because it was sensible. It is a logical absurdity NOT to stop all Islamic migration to the USA because it supposedly ‘plays into the hands of ISIS’. Eh? No, Obama and Clinton do that superbly, by pretending all Muslims are just folks wanting to have a white picket fence around a rose-covered home with a rocking chair out front! Some might – but others want to blow it up.

When Trump Jr spoke about skittles, he was obviously referring to immigrants from Syria entering the USA, none of whom have been properly checked out. But, what did Obama and Clinton aides do? Yes, they deceived people by saying he was referring to small children injured in the Middle East (leftists and pro-Islamists, reel out the photos of kids with big eyes and cuts. AW shucks). Those children – young Muslims – were attacked by their own Islamic kind, NOT by Trump warning that Muslim migration should be checked. I find this kind of Obama-esque deception not just infantile, but bringing intelligence down to the same level as a comic script! The children shown in photos by Obama et al have NOTHING to do with Trump’s common sense call to stop Muslim migration until the whole thing has been sorted out.

Apply Trump’s analogy to water supplies… if it takes only a millionth of a gram of certain poisons to kill a whole town via its water supply, would you drink just a cupful? Of course not! You’d drain off the whole reservoir! Then you’d start again.

The Clinton and Obama way is to bring in the poison with the water. Who knows which part will cause death and mayhem? That’s why, when Clinton tells us she (excuse my belly laugh again) alone can deal with the Islamic terror, even though she doesn’t identify the enemy, and even though her track record is abominable, and even though she is the best-known liar on the planet – if people believe her, then they have already been poisoned and are brain-dead.


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