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What has got the Establishment Pundits and GOP politicians don’t get is that President Trump is not a politician, and has not learned the craft of finding 25 ways to say (of) or explain the definition of what (is) is to hearken back to Bubba’s days in the White House. And this is exactly why President Trump has not only gotten a pass on these so called out landish statements, but that the Voters actually enjoy watching him poke his finger in the eye of the Rino Paul Ryan, Switchy- Mitchey McConnell, and the Dr. Krauthammers of the world!

 Now lets break this down so even a mental midgets like Main Stream Media, the Judge in the Trump U case is Mexican-American, belongs to the La Raza, Hispanic lawyers groups and the Biggie is he donated in specific, Hillary Clinton!! Not only is there multiple reasons for this judge to step aside, its the fact that it has the appearance of being in a rather stinky position that shows even the possibility of political retaliation. And it would have been wise for President Trump to let his attorneys make that case, but what we like is that he shoots first and ask questions later!!

 And even doing that, he is 98% right and stories often follow that prove him to have been right on the money. Frankly we the voters are tired of being told how we should feel , react, what causes we should take up, while all the things we hold dear and love about the USA gets trashed and destroyed. Furthermore the walking on egg shells, the hand wringing, and the public apologies by the Emperor, has not only gotten old and is like trying to convince us that we have no need of air!

  So yes I find that it is quite fine that someone with deep pockets, that has made this himself, is not beholden to anyone, and can say screw you and not care how you feel and can walk away and not regret it is quite refreshing!

The Trump Train wrecking Political Correctness and Politicians and Media alike!! All Aboard.


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