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Mark Lehigh /

Is civil war in America inevitable? Is the crowning Soros achievement of mayhem and disorder waiting to break forth? Is the greatest Divide and Conquer attempt, in the history of the world, now at hand?

Are hundreds of billionaires being too quiet, just sitting around sucking their thumbs – while their globalist-owned media is disarming? Are the renegade “grass roots” liberals without substance behind them?

Have the LENCO armored Bearcats – the goal of globalist LENCO to put a subjugating Bearcat in every American county, even through subsidies – been pre-positioned throughout America as an idle globalist maneuver? Will foreign troops seen steering these through America, just walk away?

Will thousands of UN “peace keeping” vehicles snuck into America, be quietly and placidly dismantled, confiscated or deported? Will the 700,000 Makarov pistols pre-positioned in Colorado just quietly rust?  Will foreign “regional police” repent and simply return to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia?

Will the thirty hidden commands for globalist “drug-sniffing” dogs trained in Yugoslavia and Holland – remain hidden?  Will these pre-positioned, highly trained dogs, just grow old and feeble?  Or are they soon to become silly, high and useless, as the war dogs in World War II, when they were compromised by sniffing blood mixed with cocaine?

Too, will the illegals from Somalia and south of the American border – selling and trading guns every day in the packing plants and slaughter houses of America, where they are de-sensitized to blood and eventually recruited by ISIS – in all their unvettedness, suddenly become humble and return to their developing countries?

Will the unusual hoards of ammunition – hidden for the Islamic White House and the IRS – sheepishly be given to President Trump? Where will this American-killing stash end up? Will all the globalist foreign-privatized prisons be given extreme make overs – and turned into joyful community centers?

Vigileaks encountered a worker whose daily job for 14 years is to install shackles inside train cars, for incarcerating American patriots and sending them to prisons and camps.  Will these be removed and made illegal?  And will COSCO train cars be completely inspected for troops and arms, instead of one out of every ten?

Will the bankers and politicians suddenly admit their wrong doing and accept their new residence in the Trump Maximum Security Prison? Will mainstream media throw in the towel and sell out to responsible Trump-conducted nationalist media to Make America Great Again?

Mezzanine rooms in post offices for dividing and processing American families for FEMA camps and prisons, will have to be removed from over 130 post offices. American veterans will once again have to be given priority, for post office employment, over illegal workers who have no national allegiance to America.

Will the globalist software tying together the police state – from WalMart security guards to local police to airport security to the FBI, CIA and NSA to interdependent foreign intelligence – be judged in serious violation of American national security?

Will drone “accidents” consciously directed to private and corporate aircraft at airports be strictly prevented?  Or will these be a subtle ongoing “weapon” in the upcoming civil war?  Will Trump reward farmers and ranchers for bringing down globalist and foreign choppers (with wrist rockets, sling shots for hunting, shooting at the rear blades strong fishing tackle, with a different-sized weight at each hand.  Joint Chiefs confirm this brings them down every time.)

If one looks at the laws of cause and effect – and all the hard Satanic work and investment the globalists put forth, to destroy American nationalism and make it one more colony – one concludes that a civil war is easily at hand. In preparing for it, if nothing happens then we can say we have done the right thing and “errored on the side of preparedness.”

And if a civil war in America suddenly occurs, from the first hour true Americans must boycott all globalist products imposed on American shelves! This classic boycott strategy is a war that will never end and will serve to cripple the Trump-defying globalists.

Will the globalists now dominating all areas of American life, simply stretch out their wrists for uncomfortable handcuffs?  Accordingly, President Trump, commanding his phenomenally-excellent administration and armed forces, must be prepared to act with an unparalleled lightning swiftness, to contain and render inoperative the globalist plans for civil war!

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