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It took 100 years before Abraham Lincoln’s “The Emancipation Proclamation” would be revisited successfully with the passage of the “1964 Civil Rights Act,” Perhaps the most significant piece of domestic legislation ever passed by a free government body in the 20th century, giving African Americans the “unalienable rights’ written into the “Declaration of Independence.”

The significance attributed to the passage of this Act into law, lies with the irony of the circumstances and the courage of those of those who voted for the its legislation into law. The documented history of these events have been re-invented from fact into fiction; from truth into mythology. The indelible mark of freedom for all Americans lies with Lincoln.

In 1955, the “Brown vs. The Board of Education,” Supreme Court decision fundamentally eliminated legal segregation. This decision overturned the Court’s 1896 ruling of “Plessy vs. Ferguson” which declared “Separate but Equal” endorsing segregation. 59 years later in a unanimous 9 to 0 decision “Brown” changed the thinking, and the direction of America.

The “Brown Decision” was the beginning of change in America and it was certainly meant to open the continuance of more challenges. The Supreme Court and Legislative Branch can only interpret the Constitution and enact laws respectively. Neither has the power to enforce3 them. That power lies with the Executive Branch of the President. In less than two years the Court’s ruling would be challenged and enforcement would be swift and met with absolute resolve.

Little Rock, Arkansas set the stage in September of 1957. Democratic Governor Faubus reneged on his pledge to desegregate Arkansas public schools under pressure from his own party. Then Republican President Eisenhower, sworn to enforce the laws of Congress and the Supreme Court, acted with the full force of the Executive Branch. He unleashed 1000 paratroopers of the 101st Airborne, “The Screaming Eagles,” whose history and legacy began with the DDay Invasion and concluded with the Nazi surrender, to protect the enrollment of Black college students. He also nationalized the Arkansas National Guard to combat this insurgency by Democrats. Four years later in Alabama, similar circumstances arose under President Kennedy and he followed his predecessor’s doctrine to enforce the laws of our nation.

In 1964, “The Party of Lincoln” rose to the challenge again, with a minority voice in the Senate and with determination enacted into law “The 1964 Civil Right Act.” The U.S. Senate was made up of 67 Democrats and 33 Republicans, and it would take the minority to pass it into law. 21 of the “Nay” came from the Democratic majority, and 27 of the “Yea” came from the Republican minority, who were at odds with just six of their own Party.

The irony lies with the fact that Democratic President Johnson and the Democratic controlled Senate couldn’t get the “Civil rights Act” passed into law, without the overwhelming support of the Republicans in the minority.

The core of the Democratic majority who voted “Nay” to “The 1964 Civil Rights Act” are conveniently re-invented to fit the current Democratic agenda. It’s never mentioned that Senators: Al Gore Sr., from Tennessee and J. William Fulbright of Arkansas were both “Segregationists.” Nor is it mentioned that Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia was not only a segregationist, but also a former Ku Klux Klan leader. All three voted “Nay.”

It’s an inconvenient truth when it comes to the real history of the Democratic Party. Al Gore was the heir to his segregationist father’s Senate seat. Bill Clinton was mentored into politics by segregationist J. William Fulbright, whom he praised and admired, without ever condemning the Senator’s racist views and positions. Hillary Clinton idolized Klan leader and Senator Robert Byrd and declared him her friend and mentor.

Contemporary Democrats have intentionally hidden the truth of their Party’s sordid past and its roots in racism, and have replaced it with the myth that they were and are the Party and leaders for “Civil Rights.” Their goals lie with money and power and they aren’t going to let truth get in their way, when they could instead create a myth.


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