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In a failed effort to put a Patriotic band aid on the globalist face of the Democrats, Chuck Schumer fooled no one. Schumer, the top-ranking Democrat-elected official left in Washington, was probably chosen to speak as he was less likely to inflame the crowd’s rage than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Schumer’s blatant references to “evolution” and “democracy” were the usual Communist Democrat buzz words. Indeed, Marxism cannot survive without evolution. This is why it has been imposed on American education through the illegal and anti-Constitutional Dept. of Ed. advanced in the profiteering culture-industry text book publishers – as well as propagated through the Rockefeller-funded Columbia University teacher’s college.

Despite Schumer’s use of the word “democracy,” always the front for Communism, the powerful Spirit of the American Republic left Trump supporters in tears, when President Trump finally made his historical promises in his Inauguration speech!

But back to Schumer’s preceding speech. Was there a hidden message in it? Did it proclaim globalist intent for the near future, as globalists often do? Was his Civil War reference an extension of the Soros and Bilderberg predictions of civil war, so globalists can control a civil war crisis their way?

Referring to the First Battle of Bull Run, Schumer proclaimed, “July 14, 1861: “When the north and south were lining up for their first battle, a time when our country was bitterly divided…” “The indications are very strong that we should move in a few days…” “The blood and suffering of the….”

Of all the myriad American history references Schumer could have chosen, why did he choose the Civil War? And the First Battle of Bull Run at that? Was he assuring fellow globalists, including his puppet master Soros, that an American civil war would occur in 2017?

The first Battle of Bull Run proved to be the deadliest battle in American history to that point. At the very least, the First Battle of Bull Run proved the war would be long and violent. Both sides were unseasoned and unprepared for the carnage that would ensue.

Today, both sides are unseasoned and unprepared for the depopulating carnage to ensue. Javier Solana in Europe does not have an EU army together yet. The Chinese are unprepared. Mexican cartels are disorganized. Chechnyan troops in western and northern Denver are still gathering and stealing materials.

Meanwhile, America doesn’t even have basic spare parts for much of its armed forces weaponry. Even its National Guard and retired police are sent overseas! 65,000 American troops were clandestinely sent to Australia, so the globalist “swap out” could bring into America its UN foreign-soldier “protectorate” with no local allegiances. Still more American troops are diligently guarding “Poppy” Bush’s opium poppy crops in the multi-million dollar opium trade, going into more than 90% of heroin sold worldwide.

Just exactly like the First Battle of Bull Run, both sides, American Patriots and globalist forces, are highly unprepared for war on American soil. Beware the smug and arrogant hidden message in Chuck Schumer’s words! Let America stay fully armed and vigilant for the globalist surprises of war just ahead!


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