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It came to pass, the ancient prophesy, / handed down from days of old, / the birth of a child, a Messiah, / the greatest story ever told.

And the word became flesh, and would dwell among us, / and would die for the sins of man, / and it all did happen, as foretold, / according to the prophets who heralded God’s plan.

Centuries have passed and down through the ages, / the story’s been written on histories pages, / on that sacred night to all creation, / mankind was forgiven, and offered salvation



The favored young virgin, the Blessed Mother to be, / traveled with espoused husband in flight, / from the evil of men who would destroy the One, / who would bring into the world truth and light.

A little town was their destination, / Bethlehem was full of God’s grace, / and would shelter and protect the Holy Family, / it was preordained, and this was the place.

The great Star of Wonder filled the heavens, / and would lead all on a journey that would never cease, / this is the way to salvation, it heralded, / it is there you’ll find the Prince of Peace.

It beckoned all true believers, / as the Heavenly Host from heaven descended, / singing praise and homage to the Lord, / who would see the reign of evil ended.

And so in a weathered old stable, wrapped in swaddling clothes / there were Kings and shepherd’s and beasts of the field, / all gathered together with Mary and Joseph, / all part of a truth revealed.

They had gathered to witness the birth of the Lord, / whose humble beginnings in a manger of hay, / and we celebrate this joyous and happy occasion every Christmas day.

Christmas is a season we celebrate and sing, / silent night a most holy night, / when a Savior was born into a world of darkness, / and brought salvation and light.

But more than just gifts and merry making, / material symbols on this holy day, / we celebrate a Savior who brought hope to a world, / that was lost and lead astray.

And that Christmas is a time for family and friends, / but while we rejoice, let us pray, / that those who suffer, are burdened and grieving, / will find solace and hope this day.

And that the spirit of Christmas fills their hearts, / and the birth of the Lord will in them recall, / Christ entered the world to forgive our sins, / and bring salvation to us all.

So let us live in the spirit of the Lord each day, / January through December, / and gather together at Christmas, / to celebrate and remember.

That Christ entered the world to deliver us, / from our sins, despair and strife, / and to teach us it’s not just a season, / peace is a way of life.


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