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Election night in 2008 a dark cloud fell over the United States.  It began a time of almost hopelessness and despair.  Barack Obama had become the 44th president of the United States and the research I had done on him left a sinking feeling in my gut.  He was not the man he said he was and he was not the man MSM portrayed him to be.  I found it difficult to understand how a man of this low character had been able to win over the people of America.


My assessment of him had nothing to do with the color of his skin so don’t write me letters and claim I’m a racist. Remember that he is half white too!  I have just as many friends that are black as I have that are white.  I knew that America was going to go down a path that we really didn’t want to go.  Obama stated a few days before the election that “we are a few days away from fundamentally changing America.”  America needed change but not what this man and his policies were going to bring.  I knew that we were in for at least four years of hell when Obama to Cantor “I won.” It ended up being eight years of hell.  His upbringing was not clothed in American values.  He was raised Muslim.  His grandparents who raised him were communists.  The freedoms of America and the rights we have, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of press, bearing arms did not sit well with him.  I remember him stating in a private fund raising event in California that too many Americans ‘cling to their guns and their religion”.  I wonder if he notices the irony of how the radical Muslims cling to their guns and religion?


Obama began his fundamental transformation almost immediately.  He signed an executive order to close down Gitmo, a place that should stay open.  He then began to release the jihadist that was in there.  There have been about 60% of those released that have gone back to killing Americans in the Middle East.  To me that is treason. He is releasing more in the next few days even one that has declared that when he gets out he will kill as many Americans as he can.  He has been the most destructive president to the military of this great nation that we have ever had.  Our levels of preparedness are below pre-WWII and this is while we are still in a war with islam.  He has stated that we are not and never will be at war with islam.  That, again, is a treasonous act because islam has stated that they are at war with us.  He ‘negotiated’ a deal with our enemy, Iran, giving them a path to a nuclear bomb.  That’s like giving Japan a way to develop a nuclear bomb during WWII.  All this time Congress sat on its backside and did nothing to curb in Obama’s overreach of his executive authority.


Obama’s immigration policies have devastated the American workplace. He has refused to enforce our immigration laws, wrote a few of his own, which he does not have the authority to do.  His Attorney General decided which laws he was going to enforce.  Voter ID was not allowed to take hold in any State that tried to implement them.  Eric Holder also stopped States from cleaning up their voter rolls, which was a requirement by law.  As a result in 2012, 2014 and 2016 there were almost seven million people registered in more than one State.  Again, Congress did nothing.  I believe that it was political correctness that kept them from stopping Obama. But as I’ve stated for years, if you’re politically correct you’re probably wrong.


Obama has put a regulation strangle hold on American businesses by adding about sixty new regulations a day since he took office.  These regulations cost businesses time and money that only restricts how a company can operate and grow.  Government is supposed to create an environment that will allow a business to thrive.  I have yet to see a Democrat administration that does that in the last century except for the Kennedy administration in the 1960’s.  The Obama administration has yoked businesses with restraints like we have never seen: The Obama Administration is responsible for an unparalleled expansion of the regulatory state, with the imposition of 229 major regulations since 2009 at a cost of $108 billion annually (using the regulatory agencies’ own numbers). The actual costs are far greater, both because costs have not been fully quantified for a significant number of rules, and because many of the worst effects—the loss of freedom and opportunity, for example—are incalculable. The need for reform is urgent. The White House, Congress, and federal agencies routinely breach legislative and even constitutional boundaries, and increasingly dictate lifestyle choices rather than focusing on public health and safety. Immediate reforms should require legislation to undergo an analysis of regulatory impacts before a floor vote in Congress, and require congressional approval of each major regulation before it can take effect. Sunset deadlines should be set in law for all major rules, and independent agencies should be subject—as are executive branch agencies—to the White House regulatory review process. 1


The list of atrocities this man has done to America would take several columns to discuss.  His healthcare disaster that almost destroyed the best healthcare system in the world, his demand that abortion be taxpayer paid, his shoving down the throats of Americans the homosexual marriage agenda makes him the most ungodly man to ever hold that office.  There are only 27 days of this hell left.  Our new president, who is not perfect, but did wake up 81% of the evangelicals who had been in a coma for the last two presidential elections will begin the process of turning all this around.  He plans to defund Planned Parenthood, build our military back up so we can defend ourselves, deregulate businesses so they can operate again and get rid of the worst healthcare system in the world. He will shut down Obamacare. The only problem that he will face is we returned to office 94% of the people that helped create the problem we are in by their inaction and refusal to hold Obama to his Constitutional pledge.  But I still have hope.  We dodged another Clinton presidency that would have completely destroyed America.  That is a miracle in itself.  We have people that will be directing our economy that have actually been very successful in business.  Obama only had 6% in his cabinet that had run a business.  Trump has 100%.  We have people who know how to do things and we have a leader who has been successful himself and that can coordinate all of it.


I felt that dark cloud lift on the evening of November 8th this year.  The left is still in its death throes over this election.  The Russians did it, voter fraud, fake news and whatever else they may try to come up with.  Death threats to the Electoral College and our great AG Loretta Lynch refuses to prosecute those people threatening the EC.  Congress still does nothing.  But I still have hope.  This election is like opening a present at Christmas and it was exactly what you wanted.  We finally have a man that is for the American people, who will stand for them and their constitutional rights.  A man who is more interested in making America what the Founders intended it to be, a man who will look out for the best interests of the American people instead of allowing our enemies to prosper at our expense.


He may not accomplish everything that he said he would do but it will be the fault of Congress if he doesn’t.  Hopefully we will be able to clean out some of the carrier politicians that have been in D.C. for 20-40 years.  They are the problem.  They get entrenched and try to gain power and wealth for themselves.  They get rich in their legislation. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been in D.C. since 1978 and has now an annual salary of about $165,000 a year but is worth $17 million.2  How do you accumulate that kind of wealth on that kind of salary?  Harry Truman said that you have to be crooked to get rich in politics.  Look at the Clintons.  Proof positive of that statement.


Trump doesn’t have to make money.  He is wealthy on his own.  People that do business with him verify that he is honest.  The last president we had that was honest was Reagan.  When Reagan was running for re-elected in 1984 his campaign declared ‘It’s morning in America.’  Trump may not be perfect but neither was Churchill during WWII.  He was crass, sometimes drank too much, told off color jokes and even insulted a woman who berated him for being drunk.  He told her I may be drunk but you’re ugly and in the morning I’ll be sober, but you’ll still be ugly!  He wasn’t perfect but he was the right man for the job at that time in history.  I believe that Trump is the right man for the job today.  We weren’t electing a pastor but a leader who would be willing to stand up for America and all her greatness and even bring some of that greatness back that we lost over the last 30 years because of gutless politicians that support globalism instead of Americanism.


Yes, it’s not just morning in America again, it’s Christmas in America again!


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