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Militant Muslims are persecuting Christians all over the world.  Americans seem to be oblivious, no doubt believing this evil could not arrive on our shores. But Christians need to recognize we are not safe from persecution.  Already, Christians are being discriminated against, denied jobs in Hollywood and in Silicon Valley; blocked out from social media; and attacked by the mainstream media, in our K-12 public schools; in our universities, in the courts and even in Congress.

Christians do not seem to realize that the Democrat Party is virulently anti-Christian;  almost totally controlled by Islamists; and that their Media colludes with them to keep this secret.   Obama,Valerie Jarrett, John Brennan and others in the previous Administration are Islaimsts.  They actively worked to spread Islam all over the world.  Until President Trump & General Mattis defeated them; ISIS was encouraged and allowed to metastasize by the Obama government:

Isis Declares War on America

Written and Produced by Rohini DeSilva, Esq,; © 2014;

Hillary was, and is, controlled by her minder, Huma Abedin, whose mother,father and brother are all Senior Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and 40 of her Democrat colleagues were controlled by Pakistani Muslim Brotherhood operatives Imran Awan and his family. Even a large number of Republicans are strongly supportive of the Islamists’ agenda – they refused to indict any Democrats involved in wrongdoing; not even Imran Awan, who was sending out National Security Secrets, purloined from Democrat Servers, to unknown foreign actors! The #2 Leadership Post in the Democrat Party is held by Keith Ellison, a Muslim Brotherhood leader who is so powerful, his party ignores well-documented violent sexual assault by him.  Even Colin Kaepernick is controlled by his Muslim Brotherhood leader & girl friend, Nessa Diab.

Democrats are in an all out war to destroy Judge Kavanaugh and prevent him from getting on the Supreme Court.  Why?  Because, as our Christian leaders are warning us; the Democrats want to have unrestricted abortions and to abolish all Christian moral standards. They are galvanized because they fear they could lose.  Rev Franklin Graham says:  “Let’s thank God for the opportunity to have a Supreme Court that adheres to Biblical values and pray for a smooth confirmation process””“Ask God to give the men and women of the Senate Judiciary Committee wisdom and guidance as they meet with Judge Kavanaugh — and to deliver them from opinions that are contrary to His Word. Pray that the Lord will bless Judge Kavanaugh — and his loved ones — with strength, endurance and stamina during this intense process.”  Rev James Dobson went further.  He believes the midterm election is far more significant that any other – probably in the history of the nation. “Everything is on the line, and a wholly new interpretation of the Constitution looms before us. If Christians don’t participate, Socialism would replace freedom and free enterprise.”

Christians seem to believe all they need to do is pray.  Even those who have already served in our Armed Forces do not see the need to act. They watch while our enemies attack and try to destroy our President, his Supreme Court Nominee and our Nation.

Trump @War Movie: 
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They do not provide President Trump any support.  They remain passive; watching from the sidelines and excusing their inaction by claiming they are nice people and/or that they are praying.    They have forgotten that our ancestors, devout Christians, prayed and also acted to defend our country. They fought and gave their lives for our Independence;  to emancipate the slaves;  in World War II and other wars; and are fighting even now in Afghanistan and in Iraq. When, as now,  our country is in peril, Christians must act. We need to respond to what is happening today with the same intensity as they did.

If Democrats win, they will  wipe out all traces of Christianity in this country.  Don’t believe me?  Just watch the videos of what they did to Christians in the Middle East and what they are doing to President Trump; read the articles below; and also check out what is happening to Christians in Europe.  We need to pray and we need to act.  This means we need to do far more than vote.  We need to raise our voices, make phone calls, write letters and assert our God given rights. A failure to act when our country is in peril gives aid and comfort to our enemies; and is tantamount to treason against our country.

“We Are Bigger than Your Jesus!”

A Month of Multiculturalism in Britain: August 2018

Leading Muslim organization calls for Franklin Graham to be banned from Britain

France’s Le Pen scorns court-ordered psych tests for Images of Daesh (ISIS) beheadings.

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