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Dear Christians, a lot of you haven’t voted since 1988 when George H.W. Bush was supposed to be the third term of Ronald Reagan. A lot of you stayed home in 1992, the year Republicans and Democrats integrated on issues like immigration, amnesty, and NAFTA. Both parties were subsumed into the globalist mindset. The American Republic was, in their view, an anachronism.

Today, 24 years later, the radical transformation of the United States of America into a Socialist dictatorship like Cuba and Venezuela, is almost complete. The so-called opposition party was elected to check unrestrained executive power. Instead, Republicans changed teams. You thought we’d gotten rid of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. What we got instead was Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in the guise of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

The fix has been in since the Decade of Reagan ended. George H.W. Bush called it the New World Order, a world of interdependent nations prospering under multi-lateral trade agreements like NAFTA.

Bush pushed for NAFTA, and Clinton signed it into law with the overwhelming support of Republicans in congress. In 2000, George W Bush pushed the globalist Agenda 21 and granted de-facto amnesty with Catch and Release. He signed No Child Left Behind, a Ted Kennedy creation that put the local and state school boards under federal control for the first time.

Since the end of the first Gulf War, globalists took out Iraq and helped make the Iranian mullahs the preeminent power in the region. In the name of fighting terror, we sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, we bombed Libya, and issued “red line” warnings in Syria. The globalists were all in for nation building.

But, as Rush Limbaugh said, the military has two uses, to kill people, and break things. Being an international meals on wheels program isn’t the primary objective. Since WW II, globalists have gotten us into the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and now Afghanistan and Iraq. Unlike the war seventy years ago, the last four wars were “international” affairs. The UN supported South Korea, but Americans were the primary fighting force facing off against puppet regimes in Pyongyang and Beijing. We were under severe restrictions on how and when to engage the enemy. Crossing the 38th parallel was forbidden for fear of hurting Chinese feelings. Thus, we fought the Communists to a draw, but the war is not ended. A peace treaty was never signed, only a cease fire.

In Vietnam, we again had to get permission to kill Communists, but this time, not from the Security Council, but from the Communists themselves—not only in Vietnam, but their secret allies in the US State Department, as well. Politicians, not generals, lost the propaganda war when the vaunted Tet Offensive failed. But, with Walter Cronkite against us, how could we win. So, we withdrew, leaving the South Vietnamese to their fate or to their boats in the South China Sea. When the final helicopter took off from Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), we left behind a body count nearing 60,000 American sons, brothers, and fathers.

You’d think we’d have learned, but we didn’t. We elected James Earl Carter because he was one of us, a Christian. Under his leadership, Soviet hegemony revved into high gear. Communist allies came to power with Soviet help in Nicaragua, and Grenada, a launching pad for MiG nuclear bombers. Soviet belligerence was met time and again by American acquiescence.

Then, in 1979, Iran attacked our embassy and took hostages. It wasn’t until Reagan was sworn in, on

Inauguration Day, that the Mullahs released them. They didn’t fear Carter. They were scared to death of Reagan.

In 1983, American medical students were held hostage on the Island of Grenada following a coup against Communist puppet Maurice Bishop by other Communists backed by Cuba. Despite outraged complaints by the OAS, the UN, and others, Reagan sent the military to free Grenada, kill Communists, including Cubans, and release and fly home the medical students. The globalists were outraged. Reagan didn’t get authority from the OAS to invade a member country. But, the Gipper simply decided seeking forgiveness was better than seeking permission.

So, what does all this add up to? Simple, Republicans have joined Democrats to push for global trade agreements that restrict American sovereignty, impoverish the Middle Class, and increase poverty-transfer payments to idled workers, making them more dependent than ever on the government.

If you do not register to vote and show up at the polls to vote for Donald Trump you will be helping the globalists plunge a stake into the heart of the body politic. If you don’t vote this time, you may never have another opportunity to do so. If you don’t raise your voice and speak out against globalist designs, the First Amendment will be ignored and you could be jailed for speaking your mind.

If you don’t vote, globalists will continue importing “refugees” that consist mostly of military-age males from nations that despise the United States. If you don’t vote, you’ll be allowing globalists to confiscate your guns to allow imported foreign mercenaries an easier time killing you, raping your wife, and selling your children and grandchildren into sexual slavery.

If you don’t vote, Christian, you may be guilty of aiding and abetting globalist designs on our children. Acts 17:26 lets us know God’s opinion of globalism. If you don’t vote, they cannot be stopped.

We know, as Christians, 1 Timothy 5:8 states if we do not take care of our families, we are worse than infidels. So, tell me, which is better. Voting in Donald Trump and voting out the globalists, or waiting until the globalists come door to door for your only means of self-defense? What will you do when the Borg come into your neighborhood and say, “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated?”

Because, if you don’t vote, that is exactly what is going to happen sooner rather than later. Let’s make America great again. Vote Trump.



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