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I know good and well that I will get feedback from many Christians that will not be very nice to me.  The first thing they’ll think is that I am ashamed to be a Christian.  That assumption is NOT true.  I know there are many Christians that believe the Christian Pulpit and the “holier-than-thou” approach is standard operating procedure for any controversial issue against their Christian belief and practice.

Humility was one of Christ’s predominate attributes.  Rarely did He attack the unbeliever and violent sinner with antagonistic Christian superiority.  He spoke mainly in parables that made logical common sense to unbelievers.  We are ALL sinners and have been Saved-by-Grace.  Being Saved-by-Grace does NOT mean we are no longer sinners!!  We will continue to be sinners (some more than others) until the day our Lord comes.

Okay…if you’re still “with me”… let me explain and propose what I mean by the “Invisible Cross”.

We are living in a progressively deteriorating sinful Country.  The US is no longer being driven by nor acceptance to, adhering to Christian values.  This became apparent in the 60’s when the Government was sued regarding Bibles in schools.  “We the People” were outfoxed by secular judges and the Bible went away. It has gone downhill since.  Slowly at first…but rapidly recently.  How many of us would have ever dreamed that our bathroom privacy would be stripped by our Government?  Never in a million years would I have thought that possible (nor did it even enter my mind) just 10-15 years ago!

The very sad part about all this degradation and sinful behavior is that we as Christians are being attacked in every aspect of life and thought of as freaks for our Christian beliefs.  So I intend to propose to ALL Christians something that may be controversial but effective to combat this onslaught.  Bear with me.

The Bible instructs us to put the Cross in front of us and gird ourselves with Scriptural Armor.  My proposal does NOT ask any of us Christians to abandon this action we have been instructed to use.

So with a Cross in front of us and full Body Armor…we enter the liberal “War on Christianity” and “Moral Humanity” with a Force (that with God’s help) will be insurmountable.

I believe that in today’s Godless Society that we as Christians are immediately shut down, NOT listened to, are rejected, are ridiculed and silenced by sinful screaming Godless people who hate us, want nothing to do with us, and we are labeled every disgusting name in the book.  We don’t stand a chance to present our case or wake people up to the absurdity of their horrific ideas, plans and actions simply because we are a Christian voice.

I have started my War against Godlessness recently by carrying an “Invisible Cross”.  It has been VERY effective.  I have been “shut down” far longer into discussions and many times been able to convince others that normally would have never occurred had I displayed my powerful Visible Cross in the beginning.

I want to state something first that applies to probably 98% of the Non-Christian population.  They believe murder is wrong.  They know that stealing isn’t appropriate. They understand that rules should be followed.  They know that it isn’t right to rape.  They know that child sex and abuse is wrong. They know that having extra-marital affairs is wrong.  They know that a man is a man and a woman is a woman. They know we should treat people as we want to be treated.  They fail just as Christians fail. Fortunately, God has made it known that some things are just universal and really shouldn’t be questioned.  God works in non-Christians minds as well as Christians.  Some accept his Grace and some deny it and don’t.

I will give one classic example of success with using my “Invisible Cross”.  The most recent discussion on a web site was regarding the Transgender use of restrooms of the opposite sex issue.  I entered the “fray” by stating “Common Sense” logic.  In every statement I made, I was careful NOT to state that it was a “sin”, “against God’s plan”, that I would “pray for them to be convicted”, “label the proponents with righteous indignation” or any other statement that might be considered as “preaching”.  I simply used logic, facts and common sense.  I was able to stay engaged in the conversation much much longer and actually convinced the person as to why they should oppose it.

Common Sense and Logic I used in this case were the following:

  1. Our birth has already established our gender with the anatomy and features consistent with male or female. This is an absolute fact. NO science can refute this.
  2. Yes…there are certain “characteristics” of an individual that would have people think that a male is effeminate in some ways and a female is manly in some ways. However…this does NOT change the fact they are male or female.
  3. If you ask 1,000,000 people to look at a naked picture of a man from the front… 100% of them would identify the person as male with no confusion as to his physical identity or sex.
  4. If a person claims they are the opposite sex (while ignoring the obvious physical anatomy) they are simply confused in their “thinking”. Thinking…comes from the brain.  As such…without being cruel…the person has a mental confusion issue.  Explaining that thinking is a mental process (hence it comes from the brain- which no one can refute) it is only “logical” that there is a problem with his/her brain. We are not being cruel when we say this…it is actually fact.  No more than if someone cannot stop their violent nature and having dual personalities.  These individuals have a mental issue that requires therapy.
  5. If we agree and/or participate with their “mental problem” we are then enablers to their mental disorder. Enablers to mental issues are considered negative influencers even by the liberal leftists.
  6. Lastly…by “accepting” and “accommodating” the mentally confused individuals’ confused logic … the 98% of us are forced to give up OUR freedoms from whatever they propose which is absolutely wrong and infringes on the rights of the vast majority.

Logic and Common Sense.  There are some out there that are so stuck in their positions that we will never crack their shell.  But using logic and common sense gives us a much longer chance to hang in.

Using this approach I was able to “hang into the conversation” and when we were finished I complemented them on their participation and ended it with saying I would pray for their understanding of God’s plan for humanity.  I have been using this approach for quite a while and am having a much better success rate getting across to people.

As Christians…we MUST be able to get “INTO” the conversation in order to be successful and help change the sinful thoughts and actions of the non-Believer!

Charging head-long into battle will only get us rejected with no opportunity to witness to the wrong thinking individuals and anti-Christian crowd.

Use the Invisible Cross, arm yourself with your Christian Armor, and enter the discussions with logic and common sense and you’ll stand a much better chance of getting people to understand and then let God do His work!!  I’ll leave the preaching from the pulpit to Billy and Franklin Graham.  And now…I guess I’m ready for all the negative feedback.  I’ll put on my armor.

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