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America’s choice is between a man who is brazenly honest and a woman who is manifestly dishonest.  How can these two generate this kind of enthusiasm yet Hillary be leading in the polls if the system is not rigged?

Is this really even a choice?  What kind of person do you want as the head of your government, the President of the United States, and Leader of the Free World?  Do you want a person who is one of the most phenomenally successful businessmen in the world who is often boorish, politically incorrect, but insufferably honest and always speaks his mind?  Or do you want a person who is one of the most phenomenally successful politicians in the world who is often shrill, condescending, and insufferably dishonest in her words and deeds?

Listening to the two of them talk about each other is annoying.  They detest one another with a visceral hatred and don’t waste a moment running each other down.  This is something new to liberals who have absolutely demonized conservatives to the point that they portrayed Boy Scout Mitt Romney as the Spawn of Satan.  But Trump is laying it right back on Hillary and laying it on thick.  Hillary is doing what Democrats always do – make up stories about Trump that she promotes as truth.  Hillary whines that she should be fifty points ahead because Trump is an uncouth businessman, not a polished politician.  Trumpsters wonder why The Donald isn’t fifty points ahead when the enthusiasm of working people at his rallies overflows stadiums while Hillary’s rallies can’t draw flies.

It’s about character

In seventy years, Donald Trump has never been called racist until he said he would build a wall to protect America’s southern border from criminals stealing into the country, and stopping Islamists from coming to America who want to impose Sharia law and terrorize the Great Satan.  In seventy years, no women has ever said Trump is anything but a gentleman until the liberal media made public a tape of him talking with the boys about girls like a teenager.  They then set him up in a debate as they did to Romney over birth control asking if he had ever molested any women and then producing women to say he had.

Proving they were all lying was a simple task for a man whose life has been in the public eye for forty years.  You would think liberals would be happy that he says he is going to sue them so they can have their day in court proving their accusations, but instead they are distressed and smear Trump as a misogynist bully.  Why the distress if the women were telling the truth?  Like Donna Brazile who was revealed to have given Hillary debate question in advance and declared she is a Christian woman who has been persecuted by lies, yet Democrats fired her.

Donald Trump made three billion dollars by building real estate.  Hillary made three hundred million dollars by selling political favors to corporate lobbyists and foreign dictators.  Hillary says Trump made his billions dishonestly by cheating contractors.  If a businessman cheats his contractors he soon has no contractors with whom he can do business.  When a politician cheats the people and either keeps it concealed or blames others for their problems lobbyists and dictators will do more business with them.

Trump says that Hillary’s election could cause a Constitutional crisis because she is being investigated for crimes and that her illegal server put national security at risk.  Hillary’s response is to accuse Trump of being the fear monger after she has spent weeks denouncing Trump as being too unhinged to have his finger on the nuclear button.  She says he has been distracting the people from what is at stake and disgracing our democracy.  Is that anything like the media concentrating all attention on the phony Trump sex scandal while WikiLeaks has been exposing Hillary’s crimes and corruption?  She is married to an actual sexual predator that she has protected from prosecution by destroying his many accusers over the years.  Neurotic liberals will believe what they want; that Trump is a racist sexual predator who is an Islamophobic, xenophobe misogynist, and that Hillary is an honest, caring, nurturing politician.  But what do you believe in the most; honesty or charm?

Who do you choose; the boor or the racketeer? 

Better a loutish Trump fighting with a Republican Congress to do right by the American people than a glib Hillary working with a Democrat Congress to continue Obama’s jihadi socialism that is destroying America.

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