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The American people have a problem this election. They must decide the next president from two candidates with big negative factors. For example, both are notorious for their real estate deals. The people are viewing the situation incorrectly. The only question is “Which candidate will be best for our country?” Let us try to answer this question with a look at the most important issues.

Terrorist attacks
There is a terrorist attack on our shores every few months. In the typical attack, there is a connection to radical Muslims. Our enemies seem to be Al Quada, which killed 3000 of us on 9/11/2001, ISIS, which is able to use the internet to inspire terrorist attacks, and Iran, which is preparing nuclear weapons while shouting “Death to America.”

The question for the voters is “Which candidate takes the radical Muslim threat seriously?” If we get this wrong, we will literally be nuked. Donald Trump openly discusses that he will fight our terrorist enemies. He surrounds himself with war hawks, such as Lt General Michael Flynn. Clearly, Trump wishes to protect us from this lethal threat.

Hillary Clinton takes President Obama’s position that the attacks are minor and never connected to Muslims. She will be as ineffective as Obama has been. If Clinton becomes president, do not bother to make out your will. There will be nobody around to enforce it.

Illegal immigration
We have an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants. Most are from our southern border. They cost our government an estimated $296 billion per year (National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine). In other words, they are a net burden on our society. They also distort our culture to the point that Spanish is the native language in some communities. The voters should want a president who will stop this invasion and remove the illegal immigrants who already arrived.

Trump famously promised to build a wall at our southern border. He also promised to deport the aliens. Nobody has discussed this so far, but deporting illegal aliens is easy. Whenever an alien is arrested, he will be identified as a non-citizen and deported. The 74,000 illegal alien convicts can be immediately sent back. Any alien who asks for welfare will be detected as an alien and deported. To survive in this country, aliens would have to live an underground existence. No government benefits. No driver’s license. No protection from police. No school for their children. They would be better off to go back to their own country.

Clinton has no interest in fixing this problem. From the point of view of the Democrats, today’s illegal aliens are tomorrow’s Democrat voters.

The economy
Normally, this is the premier election issue. Its secondary status shows the gravity of our country’s problems. Our unemployment rate is 4.9%, but this number no longer has meaning. Our labor participation rate was 65.7% at the beginning of the Obama administration and is now 62.8%. This is because people have been discouraged from the labor force. This is done by making it easier to qualify for welfare or disability. (My back hurts when I sleep 12 hours a day. Maybe I can get disability payments.) Taking this into account, our effective unemployment rate is 11.9%. No wonder it feels like the recession never ended.

Trump promises to get rid of regulations that discourage hiring. He also wants to end Obamacare and lower taxes. This will help employ more people.

Clinton wants to raise taxes. She apparently feels that she can maximize her votes by punishing people her constituents do not like. Making rich people poorer will not make poor people rich. It will just prevent rich people from spending money. This will depress employment.

The other issues do not matter nearly as much as the above. Based on these issues, Trump is the better choice.

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