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China is in trade treaty negotiations with President Trump as a more equitable arrangement with penalties for stealing our technologies is in order.  Our patent office is confused, conflicted and perhaps corrupt having recently returned to the pre-1946 rule that “…first to file is first to invent.”  At the pleadings of patent attorneys, they had changed the rule, in force since 1779, to “…the first to invent” so would-be patenters showed up with high-school notebooks, scribblings on napkins, and so on, as evidence of prior invention.

This generated so much litigation the US Patent Office had to relent and return to “…first to file” soon after the turn of this century.

This is significant as China has long used our patent filings for their engineering research, ignoring licensing fees and saving themselves billions in royalties.

Some corporations have tried to beat this by not filing to keep the technology secret, as patents are for 20 years but secrets can be forever.  The Chinese are very good “reverse engineers” and that is not illegal in China.  Mr. Trump is trying to change that in this negotiation and the complaints this is hurting our economy are silly as the new trade tariffs should reduce our taxes by an equal amount of well-designed impact.  Mr. Trump’s numbers look good.

This is also important in publishing where Chinese, Russians and other Communists do not honor copyrights.  We have had over 100 educational films copied for 25,000 Russian schools without getting well over $1 million in royalties due. We documented it was happening as we got correspondence from Soviet teachers followed by FBI people arriving in olive drab 1969 four-door Plymouths, brown suits, shoes, hats, shoulder holsters, guns and questions as I had answered every letter.

Patent problems are not unique to international commerce:  For some time our industries tired of paying $100,000 fees for ten pages of esoteric, staid language with everything in the right place or you get a rejection letter.

We once had a rejection for not having the word “step” in each of our “Claims.”  With their search system, we found that 80% of all patents filed since 1799 did not have the word “step” in the “Claims” section!  It took letters to our Congressman, the Examiners, and an angry note to “The Director” of the USPTO to get a rescission of the rejection.

China has over one billion people.  Many hungry in the hinterlands as their agriculture fails from collective farming, the kind that killed 1/3 of our Pilgrims in the 17th century.  They dropped it, went to private ownership of land and thrived as the first capitalists in North America.

China has been fighting a shooting war on their 5,000-mile western border with Russia and Mongolia for 100 years.  It has never stopped as the battlefield is a rocky wasteland without tillable soil or water, but men are dying for it every week.

The northern provinces are rife with well-armed gangs with AK47’s shooting heavy-duty.30 caliber rounds that can cut down a small tree that our .223 caliber M16’s cannot as they are designed not to kill but wound. This takes five men out of a unit, instead of one dead one as four have to carry the wounded man out of the action.

Our battlefield weapons are designed for a different purpose than those of Russia based on a theory of war we learned from the Prussian War College.  They credit Pancho Villa, but the real source was American partisans in the wars of 1776 and 1812.  The “great battles” are not the story of any war. The leaders of China have a great fear of those gangs in the northern provinces as well they should, but their real fear is of the American farmer!

China buys 400 million tons of Soybeans annually, all from the western hemisphere.  The US, Brazil, and Argentina produce 95% of the world’s soybeans. We and Brazil produce nearly equal 100 million ton quantities and Argentina half that.  Neither Brazil or Argentina have exchanged diplomats with China so they follow our lead.

China and the US have about the same area, but Chine has over four times as many people with the bulk living on land that is not arable, mountainous and dry, often desert.  America is the granary of the world so we will in all likelihood have our way with China as they are having economic problems after investing heavily in building American style cities without buyers, central planning; “Well duh!”

Adding to their problems, they fouled the air in canyons where new cities were built.  They are looking forward to nuclear power to clear the air, but have only 3% of the world’s uranium reserve, but that has become an issue for Chinese intelligence as they know Australia has 29% of the world’s uranium reserve.  Russia has 8% and we had but 1%, reduced to 0.9% after Hillary’s treasonous sellout for a $145 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.

Australia is in the Sea of China and they see it as a plum for the picking; especially where it is underpopulated with a recently disarmed people incapable of resistance.

China has three twin-hulled nuclear-powered aircraft and troop super-carriers under construction and able to carry one division (12,000) with likely completion two or three years out.  Australia can quench this by re-arming its people in the manner of Switzerland.  This will be interesting to follow as the fauna of Australia are the nastiest on the planet.  Everything there that crawls, flies or swims is ill-tempered, lethal and could slow invaders, but that the Chinese know how to cook and eat everything may well save the invaders and simplify invasion logistics by making a vermin cookbook a weapon of war.

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