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There was something about Charles Krauthammer. I don’t remember the first time I saw him but it was probably on FOX News and it was many years ago. He was always calm when he spoke and his position well thought out. I can’t say I always agreed with him but I always respected where he was coming from and why he came to his conclusions. Eventually I watched FOX just to listen to what Charles had to say.

The funny thing is for the first few years of watching and listening I thought he had amazing posture which I respect. There is nothing worse than seeing someone slouched over waiting for the inevitable humpback to form. My dad always said sit up and stand straight. At some point I realized that there was something more going on than just good posture and looked up his bio.

I don’t know if there are more than a handful of souls on earth who could claim a more interesting and successful life than Krauthhammer.

Perhaps the most amazing thing that could have happened to Charles was his wife Robyn. They were dating when Charles dived into a pool and became paralyzed. Can you even imagine a modern woman marrying a man she was dating in college who went from athlete to cripple? He could not have done better if he had won the lottery instead. This is the part of his story that truly amazes me and living into today’s world it doesn’t compute.

The Krauthhammer’s had a lot in common besides their religion. Charles was supposed to be a doctor and is a doctor of Psychiatry. As we all know he won a Pulitzer Prize instead. Robyn was supposed to be a lawyer and has a law degree from a fancy university. Instead she preserves and promotes the ancient music of her people. That is some pretty intellectual stuff going on. They also have an adult son who majored in business who writes fiction instead named Daniel.

Most of us would have hit the bottom of that pool and thought our lives were over. It’s pretty hard to bounce back from something like that on an emotional level. I don’t know that I could. Yet Charles graduated from college on time, married a beautiful woman that he met before his accident, had a son who’s doing well in life, won the Pulitzer Prize, became and American icon, and bid us a fond farewell less than 2 weeks before he …. well God has his work cut out for him finding Charles a better place.

It was a wonderful life Charles and the world is a lessor place without you in it.

Pray for his wife and son.

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