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Many people are stating that this election is about character. They are right it is. But they are also wrong. This election isn’t just about the character of the candidates but the character of the American people themselves and who you choose as the person you are going to vote for speaks volumes about your character as well as the character of the candidates.

So let’s get right to it.

Donald Trumps character is being questioned because of some comment he made in private on a bus to a male friend of his. Being a man myself and having many male friends over the years I can tell you that what Trump said is pretty mild compared to the way many men speak in private about women. This kind of locker room banter is very common among men and most of it is completely exaggerated or totally false as one guy trie to one up the other. It should also be noted that the woman they we talking about admitted that after she got married she blatantly flirted with other men leading then on, admitted doing so to Donald Trump and stated that she though Trump was hot looking.

Bill Clinton has been accused of raping several women so many in fact that it is hard to imagine that not a single one is true. Comments made by Hillary concerning these women are flat out disgusting (bimbos, trash etc) not to mention the threats many of the women claimed to have gotten after they exposed him. These rapes occurred during Clinton’s marriage yet Hillary “stands by her man.”

So in one case we have a man doing what most men do when they are alone together and amounts to nothing more than words and in the other we have a woman who is married to a sexual predator who blatantly lied to the American people on national TV about having sex with a intern that got him impeached.

I do not know nor have I ever know a single woman in all my years who would tolerate being married to a man who had been accused of rape by several different women or one that had a sexual relationship with a woman half his age. Not a one.

So what this boils down to is a choice of whether to vote for a guy who talks smack behind closed doors to his guy friends or a woman who enables a rapist and make derogatory comments  about the women her husband is accused of raping.

To anyone with integrity and a sense of morality the choice between the two on this basis should be obvious but sadly it is not. What is even sadder is that the majority of the people who will choose the rapist enabler are women. Even if Clinton loses, millions of Americans will vote for Hillary Clinton. Think about what that says about the character of the American people and let that sink in for a minute.


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