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Today’s America is seen by Soros, Kissinger, Obama and Goldman Sachs as demanding “desperate remedies” at the hands of the United Nations. They would like nothing better than to impose UN foreign troops, with no local allegiances, as the “protectorate” of the globalist colony of America. But if America encounters a momentary civil war, UN troops as “peacekeepers” are definitely not an option.

So the first challenge for our beloved President Trump is to send the foreign UN troops out of America, along with the foreign regional and state police from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and morph the UN building into something beneficial to humanity – such as high-rise apartments and condos.

Concurrent with the dismantling of the illegal and anti-Constitutional Dept. of Education, is the realization that 25-30% of potential We The People were denied civics books for over four decades. The emotional leftists we see today were never prepared for an independent political existence. The way for these potential We The People had not been cleared, nor were they sufficiently trained, to govern themselves. Rather, they were victims of systematic and socially-engineered civic deprivation and mind control.

This presents another vital challenge which must immediately be remedied to Make America Great Again.  Highly responsible nationalistic civics books, approved and endorsed by Betsy Davos and President Trump with their pictures in the opening pages, will be like cool, refreshing water for millions of students still wandering in the anti-nationalist desert.

There exists more subtle challenges for President Trump of equal importance and insight. One is the solid understanding that economic world trends, with the growth of technology, favored the obliteration of national lines. Therefore, with the implementation of millions of new jobs in the USA, there must be a short-term and long-term focus. That is, the growth of technology must strengthen national lines with a moral focus. Otherwise, America will work diligently and hard, for short-term gain leading to the long-term pain of a global technocratic world government.

Speaking of economic trends, as T.S. Eliot said, “The way forward is the way back.”  As we return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we must also return to a sound monetary system.  Re-monetizing silver is vital as silver is too plentiful worldwide for globalists to control.  While returning to the gold standard at the moment is futile, because the globalists own most of the gold, one can however do a classic revaluation of gold.  Sound tangible money, our final freedom, is vastly preferable to working hard to improve the Mark of the Beast implantable chip for such as Digital Angel (as the Bible warns it will never be tissue compatible, and insure eternity in hell for the wearer.)

All outsourcing to other countries, such as France, for building weapons for American defense and protection must come to an end. A growing number of Muslim workers in America’s outsourcing can easily sabotage America’s armed forces personnel. Too, the growing number of Muslim “refugees” guarding America’s sensitive areas such as power plants, must be quickly reassessed and remedied.

In all areas of American life, subversive and draconian globalists subordinated the spiritual and cultural elements to their Marxist culture-industry profiteering of the material. The prison/industrial complex, the media/industrial complex, the educational/industrial complex, have run roughshod over America’s spiritual elements and cultural heritage, as self-serving globalists profiteered in these complexes for their revolution. These culminated in a fanatical and irrational internationalism from which America has yet to recover…

Internationalism is the cancer of the world. Globalism is the political equivalent to AIDS as it destroys a nation’s immune systems. Internationalism is egotistic and narrowly exclusive , as it blazes with proxy groups and state-of-the-art mercenaries as amoral and profiteering as they are. This is the challenge of our rapidly empowered and revitalized armed forces.

And President Trump could put a whole team in place for tracking globalist shuffling and name changes. With the model of ACORN changing its name to conveniently shed criminal history, such as Rothschild banking-cartel-owned Monsanto – who purchased the Blackwater mercenary group to protect its interests – was purchased by Bayer. Crooked reputations are dumped and hidden in the lowest part of the swamp. The swamp needs to be cleared…

The New World Order did everything it could – profiteering all the way – to destroy traditional American patriotism and pay well its Marxist and Alinsky disciples and stooges, to impose a new loyalty that ignored Constitutional lines. Amazingly, the Sleeping Giant of We The People awoke in time to recognize the truly phenomenal leadership of President Trump.

Meanwhile, those Christian pastors who have the ear of President Trump, must diplomatically, but effectively, educate him away from the evils of globalist Freemasonry. Until then, President Trump may unwittingly set in place Masonic personnel, especially from the Republican Party, who are nicely pre-positioned for the New World Order at a later date. The challenge to President Trump is to reassess those appointments and instill non Masons to strengthen America to the maximum….


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