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The Presidential Election of 2016 is the most crucial and dangerous election probably since 1860 when a dark-horse candidate named Abraham Lincoln was elected and the nation was plunged into a terrible Civil War.  Donald Trump has come upon the scene and has propelled a populist movement into the forefront of Presidential politics. This movement could easily be called “the Silent Majority”, which has included the vast majority of Americans who harken back to what America “used” to be: a people who are deeply patriotic and believe in God and traditional values. Over the last 30+ years we have seen liberal/socialist policies, and in particular Political Correctness, slowly take over first Academia and the Public Square and now, in the last 8 years, the government. When Obama was elected we saw the implementation of these liberal/socialist policies in government via Obamacare, a borderless nation, homosexual marriage, the most anemic and sluggish economy with an actual unemployment rate near 20%, an anti-First Amendment agenda, a pro-Muslim foreign policy and a degradation of our once powerful military. These policies implemented through executive order, government regulation, and judicial high-jacking have helped to create the Tea Party and the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump has openly criticized Obama and his administration over the last eight years and asked the questions our Republican representatives should have been asking. Mr. Trump even asked the most unpopular question – where is the birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama? Whether you’re a birther or not, this issue has never been resolved, but he had the guts to ask it. Also, the Republican Party asked Americans for their vote time and again and the American people answered by creating a Republican-controlled Congress. What has this gained for the Republican cause and Conservatism? NOTHING!!! Our elected officials have been caving in to Obama and the Dems to the point that after the House of Representatives voted three times to abolish Obamacare, the voting in the Senate was shelved by then Sen. Reid and then again by Sen. McConnell. The Republicans in Congress couldn’t even manage to get the votes to defund Planned Parenthood even when the American people were overwhelmingly in favor of defunding this baby-killing corporation!!

Mr. Trump has realized and empathizes with the sentiment of a great number of Americans who are sick and tired of an activist President, an impotent Congress, and the government-imposed political correctness that has trampled on freedom of speech and religious liberty and paralyzed US foreign policy to the point where we won’t call or identify the enemy for who they truly are: Islamic Terrorists!!

Mr. Trump understands the American people and is not a politician. As for his prior liberal tendencies, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He says he is Pro-Life; I will take him at his word. He certainly has had no problem growing his family which is a good sign in itself. His children love him! The alternative of Hillary Clinton would be more of the same failed agenda I mentioned previously – a continuation of a failed economic policy, failed foreign policy, a weakened military, and more government control leading our country to bankruptcy. Mr. Trump promises to bring back jobs, rebuild the manufacturing industries, lower taxes , defund Planned Parenthood and abolish Obamacare. Like I said, I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

As a Catholic, I believe in Life, Traditional Marriage, helping the poor and elderly, and a strong representative government making JUST laws rather than making laws which force me to choose between God and my country. Remember “True Liberty is the freedom to do the Right thing.” – St. John Paul II. Mr. Trump adheres to the same beliefs; I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Mr. Trump answers my political questions and concerns affirmatively, Hillary does not. In fact Hillary stated in April 2016 – paraphrasing here: “Babies in the womb have NO rights and even after birth the question is still debatable.” How as a Catholic could I vote for someone like her?

Finally, I want to know why the GOP establishment (elected officials, political pundits and former Presidents) does not recognize the will of the people. These same people begged him to “pledge to support the Republican nominee no matter who it would be” which he did and now they are, one by one, refusing him their endorsements and support. That is exactly why the American people, i.e. the Republican voter in this case, have turned their back on them and voted with their feet in overwhelming numbers for Donald Trump. The gall and arrogance of George Will, President Bush x2, Charles Krauthammer et al to think that only they know what is best for the party and the country!! That their “wisdom” is somehow superior to the average American’s. Well, it is all over my friends. Donald Trump isn’t 100% conservative but he is conservative enough to get my vote. I will gladly and without any reservation vote Donald Trump for President!!


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