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Today, Catholic priests are taught in infiltrated seminaries to form their hands into the 666 symbol…

Responding to “Pope” Francis’ Marxist discolorations of the Catholic Church, millions of traditional Catholics are making a quiet though dramatic statement, with an exodus from Vatican control unparalleled in church history!


Unless a conciliatory college in the style of Pope Leo XIII were to arise in the Vatican to iron things out, a growing number of clergy and laity are forming apostolates in the SSPX, where they feel right at home.  This is the opposite effect Michael Voris of Church Militant has forced on his youthful staff, to unthinkingly give allegiance to even anti-popes regardless of the issues.


The Society of Saint Pius X is an international priestly fraternity founded in 1970 by the French Roman Catholic Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. It is known for exposing Masonic and leftist infiltrations into Catholicism, as well as for rejecting the infiltrated-leftist “reforms” systematically imposed on Catholicism by the communist-dominated Secretariat to Promote Christian Unity during Vatican II.


The SSPX claims and excellently demonstrates its maintaining of orthodoxy and doctrinal purity among its escalating number of enthusiastic members. The SSPX provides a warm and meaningful refuge for true Catholics, as the present liberal anti-pope destroys the Catholic Church from within.  Pope Benedict XVI observed more than half of American Catholic schools may be irretrievable.


Reasons for the 21st century exodus are many and varied. Anti-pope violations of catechism and canon law are cited. Encouraging the marrying of muslims was repugnant to many.  Even Catholic nominals are recognizing the growing apostasy. “Pope” Francis turned many western Catholics off when he opposed Trump and indirectly supported world-govt. imposing Hillary Clinton. Tim Kaine revealing his Jesuit affinities distanced conservative Catholics even further from Francis the first Jesuit pontiff.


Too, once word got out that the brand of socialism Francis advocates had direct affinities with the Chicago shadow government, it was more than many Catholics could bear.


Today, the priests are being taught in seminaries to form their hands into the 666 symbol at the exact point of consecration and hold them in that position until the last communion host has been administered to the faithful. In contrast to the Marxist-naturalist spirit of the age, Catholic notable Marie-Julie Jahenny received a message from Jesus saying the priests will be taught by the devil to say the mass “without the consecration or communion”.


So Nostradamus wasn’t the only one to receive the word that the Vatican would fall (to Muslim invasion).
Jahenny received a message in 1880 describing how the devil will make Catholic Mass consecration and communion null and void. Masonic hand symbols include the thumb and forefinger joined and remaining three fingers pointing up, or out, as the sign 666 which signifies a league with the devil.


Priests today are taught in infiltrated Catholic seminaries to do this at the EXACT point of consecration of the host and CONTINUE to hold the hands in this position until the last communion host has been distributed. It is how the Masons at high levels, which she also describes in messages, have forced priests to do this to annihilate transubstantiation and “any vestige of the Holy Sacrifice”.


In 1967, the Parisian Masonic Lodge congratulated the just-retired Cardinal Villot on subordinating the traditional papal role of ruling on faith and morals, to that of following and implementing Masonic policies. This has never been clearer than in the deviations of Francis.


Recently, an SSPX priest, resisting the heresies of Francis, revealed that the SSPX Mass is based on the pre-Tridentine mass of Pope Gregory I (c.600 AD). Although SSPX uses the 1962 Missal, of which some migrating Catholics have reservations, as to whether its content is pure pre-Tridentine period. Meanwhile, the impure “doctrine” of Francis strongly lingers in their minds.


Interestingly, Charlemagne ordered that the pre-Tridentine mass be said throughout the continent of Europe when he became Emperor in the 800s. Blessed Catherine of Racconigi (d.1547) said: “After three centuries a descendant of Francis I will rule Europe like Charlemagne”. (Prophecy for Today, Edward Connor, p.34). She meant Frances I of old Germany, who was born in a town that is now in France.


New SSPX members know it will be some time until the pre-Tridentine mass is fully restored. Until then, they worship with a sect of priests who will say the pre-tridentine. The only one available on Youtube is the re-enactment by the Latin scholar and Catholic priest of the 1500s mass.


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