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Simultaneous with the socially-engineered and nationwide dearth of civics books – hence the uninformed and uneducated emotional liberlas we have today – was a socially-engineered and highly-planned absence of true American Heroes and Super Heroes!

For over four decades, we have been living in a world without Heroes and Super Heroes! But the simplistic fact – of the very Power Existence of Super Hero President Trump – has changed all that!

Imagine a US Naval carrier under fire and Captain America coming to their aid! Or terrorists binding the hands of General Mattis, when a new Rambo mows down his captors and helps him escape! Or Superman flies in to stop a FEMA train, loaded with Patriotic school children, otherwise heading away from parents and into NWO incarceration….

How about a new comic series called Biker Vets! Biker Vets! Former Colonel James MacDonald, once active-duty Special Forces, sorely maligned and mistreated in VA Hospitals… Till President Trump aids him back to health! The new colonel MacDonald and his Biker Vets rescue American school girls from UN troops, Sharia terrorists, drug dealers, and truckers who sell hitch-hiking girls to the slave trade!

Needless to say, there is a billion-dollar market for this! As we wait for solid American civics books emerge for elementary and high school students, let us flood the nation with true American Super Hero comics to Make America Great Again!  Let us even make incremental and illustrated “civics books” comics – until the authoritative text books emerge!

Not so long ago, there was a time when communicating – with the American public through comics – was considered vulgar and low class. Not any more! It is now a quantum step up to meet victimized American youth where they’re at! Just like the minor prophets in the Old Testament – who communicated with the public where they were at – creators of non-obscene and true Hero and Super Hero comics have an equally important role!

Recently, the authentic Captain America was scorned and humiliated, sent to one of Canada’s lowliest shopping malls where he was obscured, belittled and hidden by Marxists from the Canadian public. No more! This was shortly before Obama exited from the back of the plane in China. No more! A seriously NWO-tainted Wolverine helped Mexican illegals escape to Canada. No more!

No longer will Marxist and subversive cultural-industry profiteers use Freedom of Speech to destroy it!  No longer will these go unchallenged by true creators of true American comics!  These new creators themselves are the first line of Heroes and Super Heroes, as they rush revitalizing, regenerating and restorative media wares into the hands of America’s victimized youth!

If cultural restoration has to start from the ground up, so be it! In Saul Alinsky fashion, the New World Order has nearly reduced true American media to rubble! Let us rebuild, beginning with true American Hero and Super Hero comics, to Make America Great Again! Flood these into all newstands and Internet availability, from there creating movies and TV series! Literature and art will follow….

Let us rebuild America’s liberal-victimized youth from the ground up! There’s nothing vulgar about it! It is a vital First Step to communicating healthy role models to restore true American Heroism and to Make America Great Again! As behavioral psychology teaches, we often learn in highly positive ways “from the extremes.” In our exciting day, that began with Super Hero President Donald Trump!

Let the creed of every American Hero and Super Hero begin: “We pledge allegiance to the flag and to President Donald Trump of the United States of America!” In this way, the kryptonite of Sharia Law and the New World Order will be feverishly tossed aside!  And they will bow down to pray, before the heroic feats of the day strongly begin….

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