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It amazes me that otherwise intelligent people who are law-abiding, cannot recognize MURDER when they see it. I’m talking about the people who APPROVE of abortion.

Pro-abortionists insist that a baby is not a human being until he/she comes out of the womb and takes his/her first breath. They insist that, until then, he/she is just “medical waste.” Reality maintains that if an entity has a heartbeat, it is a human being, and has the right to life and liberty. Yet, even the government approves of this infanticide–this MURDER of defenseless infants before they even have a chance at life.

One wonders what life would have been like if Albert Einstein’s mother had aborted him! Or any other genius who affected the world for the better. If people could actually SEE how an abortion is accomplished, they might be able to recognize it for what it is: bloody murder. Which is why the abortionists work as hard as they can to PREVENT that. Yes, there are sometimes circumstances that make an abortion necessary. Saving the life of the mother is one. The “convenience” of the parents is NOT one.

The unfortunate fact is that too many people like to have unprotected sex, but would prefer to MURDER the result, rather than bother to buy and use a rubber or other birth control. They would rather MURDER that child, rather than bother to raise him/her to adulthood. My question to those people is this: “What if YOUR parents had had YOU aborted?” I think such people should be subjected to RETROACTIVE abortion so they can’t MURDER their offspring. Rape is not a situation requiring the MURDER of the child, either. Just because the mother might have been raped is no reason to condemn the child to death.

Giving birth is not more complicated or painful than abortion, and that child can be put up for adoption. There is more than enough demand for just-born infants to adopt than we know. I just cannot understand the thinking processes of those who not only APPROVE of abortion, but who will FIGHT for it. They claim that abortion is a RIGHT, when nobody should have the right to KILL somebody else, infant, or adult. They say it’s “a matter of a woman’s right to decide what happens to her body.” If that were true, prostitution would be legal. What it really is, is that BABY’S right to life, whether of not the parents like it.


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