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Randy Deabay is a candidate for State Senator for District 41 in South Carolina

America is seeing the destruction and need in Texas. We have FEMA, a long standing national agency on the ground, after the Red Cross, and other private enterprises hit the ground with food, water, blankets, and make shift shelters. America has the greatness within her to show Texas and the world that we are more than a President who spends hours of tweeting.

One can contribute clothing, food, funds, and furniture to organizations like the Red Cross, Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Samaritan’s Purse and other high-level charities that are reputable. I plead with every South Carolinian to do all that they can afford to give or do to assist the families in Texas.

At this time, I believe it would be more of a benefit to march to the state of Texas, and instead of tossing about signs of division in America, bring hands together in a march of solidarity to assist those in need. Let us stand hand holding hand whether our hand is Black, Brown, or White. Let us as Americans bring the shining light of the true American greatness to Texas and to help those who need us.

I plead with every large corporation that has business ties throughout America to go beyond their wallets and give paid time off to those who can and are willing to go to Texas to assist in the clean-up and rebuilding of the communities. Whether the volunteer can man phone lines, serve meals, pass-out needed blankets and home items, to construction workers, clean-up crews, and short term mentors for getting needed funds to affected families, if American business and American citizens can bring help to Texas, then the unity that we all seek will bear fruit beyond America’s greatest aspirations.

Whether we can go to assist, or stay home and keep food on our families tables, I ask the governor of SC to call Wednesday, August 30, 2017, Texas day, and that there is a call out for a moment of silence where all stand hand in hand at noon in solidarity with the citizens of Texas.

Today is a day to ask for God’s blessings, so I will state without hesitation God Bless South Carolina, The state of Texas and America. May we find unity from disparity, and leadership through integrity.

Randy Deabay, Centrist

Candidate for State Senate, District 41, SC. serving the cities of Charleston, North Charleston, and Summerville.

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