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Let’s put the personalities aside as much as possible. and make some comparisons.

1. A. Trump income is from his real estate empire.

B. The Clinton income was from giving speeches, and connection with the Clinton Foundation. The draw for the speeches was a former President, a Secretary of State, and another Presidential candidate.

2.  A. Trump would be expected to cancel almost everything that Obama did by executive order.

B. Hillary would probably continue most of the orders and add her own.

3.  Trump would cancel Common Core, Hillary would let it continue.

4. The Second Amendment would gain back power. There would be more gun restrictions under Hillary.

5. Trump would appoint more judges like Scalia. Hillary would appoint more liberal judges.

6. Trump would build a wall or some type of barrier. Hillary is open border.

7. Trump would extremely vet refugees and illegals before deportation. He wants to protect our values. Hillary is for no vetting, and might allow Sharia law.

8. Trump would rebuild our military and intelligence agencies. The Obama and Hillary record is a mess after Benghazi and ISIS.

9. Trump will support law enforcement, and try to find a way to correct the problems that created BLM. Hillary will support BLM and continue to give grants to cities that have been controlled by Democrats for years.

10. Trump will rework both our foreign trade and defense policies. Clinton will continue to let the U.S. play second fiddle or less. What has Clinton already agreed to through the Clinton Foundation, if anything.

11. Trump has created many jobs with his real estate empire, how many jobs has Hillary created?

12. Trump would allow us to become more independent in energy and raw materials. Hillary wants to lock up coal, and add more climate regulations.

13.  Under Trump people would have the right to refuse doing a personal service if against their religious belief  but not general service, housing, or employment. Under Hillary are beliefs mean nothing. Transgenders would be able to use any restroom or locker room of their choice.

14. Certain things would continue to be permitted, but not paid for by the government. Under Hillary the government would  pick up more of the tab.

15. Trump would give companies incentives to return to the country. Hillary would fine companies for leaving.

16. Taxes might go up to pay the debt. Under Hillary taxes will go up  to pay for more government, and regulations. The raising or lowering of  taxes is not known until all items are in place.

17. Trump made Mike Pence his VP. A former congressman and now governor of Indiana. Hillary named Tim Kaine a former governor and current senator as her VP. Kaine was checked out for receiving political gifts when he was governor.

18. Trump fired Paul Manafort for an appearance of a possible conflict of interest. Hillary hired Debbie Wasserman  Shultz after being fired by the DNC  for her actions against Sen. Sanders.

19. Trump appears in good health. Some of Hillary’s raise questions.

Okay, Trump does not have a record to back up what I have said. Will Trump rule by executive order, or work with Congress? Hillary has a record and some indications.

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