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“There is not enough of President Trump to go around!  Now Canadians are loudly calling for President Trump!”

In this video, the National Citizens Alliance of Canada calls to President Trump for help! Click here!

The National Citizens Alliance of Canada rigorously protests globalism!  Defying the zero-degree weather, a large crowd of Canadians turned out to demonstrate in Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

While the intense pro-national, anti-globalist throng loudly chanted “No UN!  No UN!  No UN!” the yellow-vested MC highlighted native Canadian Indians, Chinese, and an unusually intelligent speaker from India, to prove the nationalists are not racists…

Simultaneously, the boisterous, annoyingly disruptive Left stupidly chanted, “Racists!  Racists!  Racists!”  Truly, all logic was glaringly absent from the Communist Left, as predicted.

Chaos from Open Borders was a hot issue as was Muslims on welfare with four wives.

But perhaps the most insidious black spectacle on the Left was an obviously-paid agitator to hold a Communist flag!  Canadian armed service veterans grew more and more annoyed with this Communist Leftist and his unchanging grin of defiance!

A mere six-hour drive north of Montana, the National Citizens Alliance of Canada nobly displayed collective leadership in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, not seen in decades!  As the UN Global Migration Pact spreads more darkness over Canada, the stars truly grow brighter!

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