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“SHARIA Thought Police in North America!”

Criminalizing criticism of immigration in Canada? Criminalizing? That’s right!

But it doesn’t stop there!

It is proposed the Canadian government will establish a thought police or SHARIA police to enforce this law and even open “re-education” camps for Canadian citizens and journalists who dare to criticize the immigration policy of the Muslim-dominated United Nations.

And Canada this past summer at community-sponsored camps trained children, all across the nation, to spy and report on parents who criticize immigration!

What? As if it weren’t bad enough the criticism of immigration in Canada is criminalized! But to establish a SHARIA thought police to enforce this? Canadians would be accountable to SHARIA thought police in Toronto, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver!

The fact that tens of thousands of Muslims employed in Silicon Valley can embellish SHARIA Thought Police is cause for alarm!

Are you planning a vacation to Canada? Forget it!

Boy Trudeau is defending this heinous U.N. Global Migration Pact to make it a criminal offense for citizens and media outlets to criticize mass immigration. Could this be why Canada’s new Mega prisons have been built? Privatized prisons for nationalists as cheap labor for globalist-profiteering privatized-prison investors?

There is no historical precedent for this extremely-serious direct threat to Canadian freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of thought!

Meanwhile, a growing number of countries like Australia are NOT signing the UN Migration Pact including the United States, Israel, Hungary, Croatia, Poland, and Austria.

Clearly, The criminal UN scam is losing the ability to force Western countries to accept millions of refugees and migrants from all over Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries, to provide them with free housing, food, money, health insurance, and welfare benefits.

But this is only the beginning of the Canadian frozen hell. Because it’s only a matter of time the deeply-entrenched communist People’s Republic of China expansionist agenda in Canada will rise up against SHARIA Thought Police.

And be assured, a trickle from Canada can be more dangerous and costly than a caravan at the guarded southern border…

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