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About twenty five names to consider for VP, cabinet, department heads and judges. For those who don’t want a position can be part of the ground game. Some would have to make a tough decision because of the way they were treated during the primary. Many are present and past governors since they have executive experience  and dealt with the federal government. Some could help turn  blue states red.

This is for Trump to help- stop the Never Trump  people and get the evangelical vote, but also for Walker and Cruz. We can’t let a member of the establishment get the nomination. The list:

Senators-Sessions, Rubio, Cruz, and Paul. Concern keeping the senate.

Governors and ex-governors-Palin,Perry, Huckabe, Brewer, Fallin, Haley, Sandoval,  Martinez, Walker, Pence, Kasich, Pence, Daniels, and Bush.  For Interior,  Agriculture, EPA, BLM, HUD, Education, Labor,  Transportation,  Homeland Security, and Treasury.

All could be VP. Some of these would only be good for minor positions

From the House- Gowdy, Hunter, Blackburn, and Bachman, Love, Labrador, Gingrich  Others-Carson, Webb, West,  Fiorina, and Giuliani. For Defense, Veterans, Commerce, Health and Welfare,  Surgeon General and Attorney General, and Homeland Security.

We need a good team effort to get this country back on the correct track. Obama has made a mess of almost everything, and Hillary is not the one to correct them



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