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When President Obama declared a National Emergency it was hardly known and no-one was terribly against it.

Now, when President Trump indicates he may do so, all the RINOS and Liberals are cackling like old Hens! What is it about this Pres. that he can do nothing right, and yet he was elected to Office legally and honestly through our great system?

Here is my take on that “infamous” election:

………. The Parties opposing Donald Trump had put in place and implemented the “necessities” to insure a win by Hillary Clinton.

………. The Trump “people”, being aware of this, then put in their own, negating the oppositions efforts and implementations.

Perhaps it is not always good to fight fire with fire, but in this instance it may have been best for the Nation, considering the far reaching criminal and underhanded events that have been publicized and laid at the “doorstep” of the Democratic Party.

If my opinion of the shenanigans surrounding the Election process are correct, or nearly so, then it explains to me the harsh, severe, and ridiculous behavior of the losing faction.

Having been assured of their ‘win’, it must have been incomprehensible to them to suffer the loss.
They are, in my opinion, behaving like immature spoiled brats, who are so outraged at their loss, that they can only “… scream – kick – and holler … ” at anything and anyone opposing them.

They stamp their feet in protest; they scream outrageous and venomous words; and worse of all they incite their followers to do the same.

Those outside of our Nation supporting the ‘anti-Trumpers’, have joined into the fray, and are providing financial backing for the crusade.

It is a sad state of affairs for our Republic. I sincerely hope that President Trump is able to do as he stated, and that is “…. the United States of America will never be a Socialist Country ….”!

In my opinion, it would be the end of life as we know it. Our children, grandchildren, and those beyond will never know the Freedom and Liberties that we have had entrusted to us by the Founders.

I understand your anti-Trump feelings, but I beg you to please look at the alternative. Donald Trump has the courage, the fortitude, and the means to thwart this Liberal Socialist movement. But he needs the Patriots behind him. He cannot fight the whole world alone.

We must step up and put Party loyalties aside. We must be Americans and stand together. We must fight with Trump and his supporters to stop the radical movement that aims to destroy our great Country, and make us dependent on the Government.

It is time to fight the enemy with a purpose of right and might.

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