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Can we trust our media today?

“Back in the day” the answer to that would have been a resounding YES.  But today, even the headlines are misleading.  Rarely do they indicate exactly the meaning and context of the article.  There are even some headlines that do not relate directly to the story with them, or, maybe, it has been removed (???).

One such headline today referred to a Trump rally that headlined “….no time for….. anthem…..”.  I tried three or four different news releases, and not a one had the story, but they all had the headline, which of course attracts readers. The headline could certainly be interpreted to appear that Mr. Trump did not want an anthem. And that wasn’t the case at all.

I am a freelance writer, not a professional Journalist with the News Media.  But I am still embarrassed by the tactics of my fellow writers. And I am angry with the manipulations.  Of course we all know it is just to attract readers.  First our Politicians have become corrupted by their greed and lust for power.  And now, our sources of information that we trusted and depended on to help us ferret out the good and the bad, have turned the corner to their own self-ingratiating posture.

Where do we go from here? We can only hope, at this point, that our coming National Election will help us, through our own common sense, to chose a President who will turn another corner, and bring back truth and honesty to the American way of life.  Perhaps the projected nominee, Donald Trump, will, as he has promised, help us bring back our Republic. I can no longer trust Hillary Clinton, as there has been so much happening in her professional life that leaves many questions about her desire to lead us back to the Republic, or to install a new Socialistic form of Government.  And her opponent, Bernie Sanders, seems to be leaning also to the Socialistic ways.  Perhaps if they were more honest with the American public, and showed a little more maturity in trusting us with the truth, we would be able to make an informed decision. Those of us who follow world politics know very well, that the Socialistic form of government will not work in these United States.  It is just opposite of what we believe in and what we are based on.

I ask the question then….why do you suppose Mr. Trump has amassed such a following?… Personally I feel that he has done so by echoing the complaints and questions of so many citizens.  And the electorate is so fed up, (in my opinion) with the events of the past eight or ten years, that they will very possibly give Mr. Trump a chance to prove his promises, his determination, and his proposed efforts, to get us back on the good road again. He may not be a smooth and polished Politician, but that may well be his attraction.

Even the Presidency of William Clinton, is questionable.  And Hillary was right there beside him.  I remember the “White Water” situation.  And I remember the questions surrounding the so-called suicide death of a particular Politician that was privy to their ways and decisions at that time.  I remember Pres. Clinton’s dealings with the Chinese Government and the trade agreements, and I certainly remember the First Lady (Hillary Clinton) trying to shove down our throats, the original “National Health Care Program”.  Even with her husband (Pres. William Clinton) championing her program, it did not resonate with the generation of that time. I lived through the tirade of nonsense, and possible conspiracy theories that followed the Kennedy assassination and caused the American public to question the truth coming down the information highway out of Washington, D.C.  Is there any wonder why the American public is becoming so distrustful of the current Washington ‘Establishment’.

I am glad Mr. Trump is bringing up those questions from the Pres. William Clinton era.  Perhaps many of our youth today were not around or not interested in the world during that time.  That was the era of “…spare the rod and spoil the child…”, which hasn’t worked out very well; and the era also of “Woodstock”, LSD, the religious cults, and the influx of drugs to our Society. Maybe Mr. Trump will wet their interest, and start a spark into their intelligence and maturity, that will cause them to look into these events. And quite possibly realize why the so-called “Greatest Generation” is so adamant about the state of our Government today.

Can you imagine if the attitude of Washington today were prevalent in the days leading up to WWII.  Where would we be had we not followed Pres. Roosevelt into that horrendous time of world violence. I shutter just to think about it. We would probably have a “rising sun” on our flag today, or maybe even a “swastika”.  And the Jewish population could very possibly be extinct.

May God help us.  Or at least point the way.  And perhaps we will surely see the “second-coming”.


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