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I don’t want to say, I told you so” aww hell, YES I DO!

This is hilarious, outrageous, ludicrous, comical, farcical, absurd and down right infuriating! I want to see and hear what Rush, Trump, Hannity and Newt have to say about this. I just can’t wait and it’s only 6 minutes away. I am thoroughly impressed with his reasoning,, to paraphrase, ‘we cannot find a previous case which would indicate a need to prosecute’. Not “In other words” but in his own words which I hear from fearful, chicken sh** people ALL THE TIME is, “We never did that before!”

In business I would offer solutions and new approaches to which I would get that answer, and the bosses couldn’t understand why nothing changed. So, what have we learned from this?

First: You cannot touch the Clintons! Have you got that? Etch that shit in stone! Second: Don’t bother to vote come November. There is absolutely no point! The fix is in and that’s all there is to it.

The voting machines are rigged, the media is set to destroy Trump and declare her the presumptive President/Queen and all those nice little “gimme, gimme, I want for free,” little turds in their jammies will OWN America!

Never mind the Wiki leaks has published several hundred hacked emails that were and still are classified. Huma admits Hillary BURNED classified communications without authorization. This Clinton pawn even admitted that “hostile actors” gained access to her emails but never mentioned the word “classified.” I have taken my Criminal Justice degree off the wall and thrown it out along with any and all my awards and citations, it is meaningless.

In closing I leave you with this:

There is no longer a rule of law, The Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper with some well crafted passages and paragraphs, forget any Rights you thought you had and be prepared to be a servant of the government, the individual is no longer, everything is for “the good of the many and the State.” Know that when you cease being a productive component of society, you will be eliminated. Be prepared to give up all firearms, and I mean ALL! (You preppers know what to do)

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to The United States of American Socialist States, have a nice stay (because no one in their right mind would want to live here anymore).


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