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In San Francisco and other places in California between 1972 and 1974 the random killing of whites by blacks known as the Zebra Killings, leaving 280 people murdered, created panic and horror. The majority of the attacks were carried out by five members of a group within Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam (NOI) called Death Angels. They were taught that white people were created 3,000 years ago by a black mad scientist named Yakub who wanted a race of inferiors to rule over. Death Angels believed they could earn “points” towards going to paradise when they died if they killed whites, who were not human beings but “grafted snakes”, “blue-eyed devils” and “white motherf—–s”. Members were photographed. and when they had completed their requirement — killing nine white men, or five white women and four white children — a pair of wings would be drawn on their photograph in ink and then it was pinned on the wall of an upper room at the Black Self-Help Moving and Storage Company on Market Street in San Francisco, owned by Nation of Islam. Each Death Angel who met these requirements was rewarded by being given a button to wear in his lapel and was promised a trip to Mecca to meet with Mohammed. The attacks, like the people who committed them, were cowardly and vicious, carried out at gun point and using machetes to chop up the victims.

Some of these victims were Quita and Richard Hague who were taking a stroll near their home on Telegraph Hill when a gang of black Muslims forced them into a white van and began molesting Quita. When Richard tried to stop them, one of the gang smashed his jaw with a wrench. After raping her, the Muslims decapitated her with machetes. The blows severed her cervical spine and ripped through her cartoid arteries, jugular vein, epiglottis and hypo pharynx. “That girl’s wounds screamed out hate, ” SFPD detective Earl Sanders later recalled. “Whoever cut her didn’t just cut through flesh, they cut through bone. They cut deep” The killers next turned their attention to Richard, smashing his skull with the wrench and hacking away at his face and neck with their machetes.

Nation of Islam Angels of DeathTen days later, Frances Rose, a 28 year-old physical therapist, was shot in the face at point blank by Jesse Lee Cooks, a member of Death Angels, who blocked her car and demanded a ride as she drove up to the entrance of the University of California’s Extension Campus on Laguna Street. Within the next two months, seven additional attacks took place including a hit on Art Agnos, a member of California’s Commission, and the murders of Ilario Bertuccio, Paul Dancik, Saleem Erakat and Marietta diGirolamo. On December 22nd Neal Moynihan, 19, who had just purchased a last minute Christmas gift — a teddy bear for his kid sister — was gunned down. The killer fled down a nearby alley where he saw Mildred Hosler who was waiting at a bus stop and shot her 4 times in the left breast and then continued to jog down the street. He had eliminated two whites in three minutes. On Christmas Eve, the Death Angels captured a homeless white man and brought him to the Black Self Help where they butchered him while he was still alive and trussed up his remains like a Christmas turkey, which they tossed into San Francisco bay. The body was so mutilated that the SFPD has never been able to come up with the name of the corpse. He remains known as John Doe #169. In January Tana Smith, a 32 year old secretary, John Bambie, 84, Jane Holly, 45, and Vincent Wollin, 69 were murdered. Roxanne McMillan, a 23 year old housewife and mother of a 4 month old baby would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair, and Thomas Bates, a 21 year old student who was shot while hitch-hiking. On April 1st, a Death Angel stalked and shot Thomas Rainwater, 19 and Linda Story 21, both first year cadets at the Salvation Army School for Officers’ Training. Rainwater was plugged three times in the back and instantly dead.  Story was shot two times, the bullets narrowly missing her spine, and she later recovered. On Easter Sunday these black Muslims killed 19 year old Ward Anderson and wounded 15 year old Larry White while the teenagers were waiting for a bus. All of these were innocent and wonderful people, murdered for no reason by black brainwashed monsters.

The break in the case came after the SFPD posted a $30,000 reward for info which would lead to the killers. Anthony Harris, a worker at Black Self Help, took notice. He was struggling to support a wife and baby and needed the money.  He made a phone call, and soon detectives were questioning him and got the names of the killers and he told them about the point system within the NOI for killing white people. In the pre-dawn hours of May 1st, more than 100 cops carried out simultaneous raids. Seven suspects were taken into custody, three were later released.  Although NOI paid for their defense lawyers, the remaining four — Larry Green, J. C. X. Simon, Manuel Moore, and Jesse Lee Cooks,  were found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.  There were also murders outside San Francisco, all over California, and indeed in other states. In fact, although the killing spree was  most intense between 1972 and 1974, investigators believe the action began as early as 1970, and many unsolved cases were actually a part of this action. The enormity of the crime involving unsolved murders throughout the country has yet to be calculated. Other than the four arrested and brought to justice in San Francisco, no other perpetrators were ever caught, probably not even looked for. Black Self Help was managed by Tom Manney, a NOI member and a former football star. Manney lent his black Cadillac to the murderers, who used it to hunt down their victims, and an illegal .32 pistol that was used in several of the killings. He was taken into custody only to be released FOR LACK OF EVIDENCE.

San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto held a press conference to announce that the men who had been arrested were members of NOI’s Mosque #26, where they aspired to become Death Angels. John Mohammed, the leader of Mosque #26, was furious and demanded the Mayor apologize for his racist remarks. Muhammed also refused to explain Lesson #10 of the NOI rules, which had been written by Elijah Poole (Elijah Muhammed):

Zebra MurdersLesson Number Ten: Why does Muhammed and any Muslim murder the devil (the white man)? What is the duty of each Muslim in regard to four devils? What reward does a Muslim receive by presenting four devils at one time? Answers: Because he (the devil) is 100 percent wicked and will not keep and obey the laws of Islam. His ways and actions are like a snake. So Muhammed learned he could not reform the devils, so they had to be murdered. All Muslims will murder the devil because they know he is a snake and also if he be allowed to live, he would sting someone else. Each Muslim is required to bring four devils, and by bringing and presenting four at a time, his reward is a button to wear on the lapel of his coat. Also free transportation to the Holy City Mecca, to meet Mohammed.

John Mohammed was not the only black American to express outrage at the Mayor’s remark. The Black Liberation Army sent a communique to FM rock station KSAN which called for an armed uprising of all radical groups, including the SLA, the Weather Underground and all Death Angels — against the racial municipal government. The uprising never took place. Most threats are just that — threats, but they stop actions against the criminals because of cowardice.

The rampage made the NOI the bloodiest domestic terrorist group in U. S. history. Yet no law enforcemnet or government figure, in this heyday of the civil rights movement, dared to take the Muslim organization to task, let alone to expose Elijah Poole as the instigator of mass murder. At the heart of the matter remained the fact that the Nation of Islam was a religion with thousands of adherents and even more supporters. As a religion, it was protected by a battery of constitutional rights The first line of the first article of the Bill of Rights reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Doing anything that contravened these words would create a legal maelstrom. And so the real cause of the murders was neither addressed nor uprooted.


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