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The supreme leader, His Most High, Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown, the dictator of the State of California is in a constant search for voters to fill his Voter Rolls for the so-called Democrat Party.

He views anyone that he can help across the Mexican Border as a registered Democrat ready to vote in the next election.

Brown has to recruit new members to populate his Socialist controlled Democrat Party, because long time members of the Democrat Party are running away as fast as they can, they have recognized the fact, that their party no longer exist.

The goal of Gov. Brown and his socialist buddies that control all of California politics is total and permanent control of the State.

Now you hear calls by the California Government to ban and control certain groups and publications, this raises the specter of NAZI Germany and how the German People were powerless to stop a Mad Dictator.

The leaders of the dictatorship of California are making calls for  California to succeed from the Union and establish their own country.

Brown and his tax happy bunch of losers need to read the History of the U.S. Civil War 1861-1865, it didn’t end well for those who succeeded from the United States.  But, one of the main problems in teaching education in California is the crap that has been put in front of the students as factual history, it’s all propaganda, one lie after another, it has to be stopped.

If not the rest of the United States will go the same way and we as a country are lost.


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