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It was the day after the 4th of July and once again as an American it was inspiring to see the fireworks light up the night in a show of patriotism.

Unfortunately the next day my enthusiasm was instantly dashed watching the FBI director on national TV deliver a message that seems to defy logic. It was as if a fun night of drinking too much was followed by a massive hangover. My enthusiasm for my country was dashed the next day watching Lady Justice being raped, and beheaded by ISIS.

For a long time I think most Americans other than the liberal Zombies that never question the ethics of the Clintons have thought that the e mail scandal would FINALLY be the stop sign on the numerous Clinton scandals that they seem immune to. As I watched and listened the FBI director laid out a very well detailed list of areas where clearly Hillary Clinton lied to the nation. I said to myself almost in tears FINALLY someone has the integrity to do the right thing and show the rest of the average downtrodden Americans that the legal system is blind to power, wealth or position. It seemed that Hillary had finally met her political train wreck.  Then at the end he uttered the words that he would not recommend indicting Hillary Clinton.

It was as if she had been caught speeding 95 in a 35 mile an hour zone and the cop let her go because she was the mayors wife.

Today I am left watching the mainstream media tell us to move on while the majority of people paraded on Fox felt as I did that this a travesty.  From this point on how can anyone that sends or receives classified documents EVER be charged ? They will undoubtedly refer back to Hillary and say “If she can do what she did then how can I possibly be guilty”. Somehow I watched our national security just get a torpedo broadside.

So now we have to make a decision in November do we elect Trump or put Richard Nixon back in the White House?

Hillary has now proved unequivocally that she is a bald faced liar and will be emboldened from this point on that she is untouchable and above all the laws that we are supposed to follow. But why shouldn’t she feel that way. Her husband lied on camera to the nation about depositing his DNA on a black cocktail dress and even though impeached got away with it. Hillary and Bill must be sitting back in Chappaqua having a good laugh at the little people tonight.

Donald Trump may not be exactly who I would have chosen as the Republican nominee but I will vote for him over a cunning, unapologetic liar like Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton must be sleeping pretty well knowing that she has bamboozled the country once again and may end up in the White House so that she can torment the Secret Service who she has little respect for.

The past couple of days I have been singing the lines out of the song American Pie. “And the three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost They caught the last train for the coast the day the music died. So Bye Bye Miss American Pie.”

Once again a little bit of our country died in the past day when the top officials put party politics over the letter of the law and our country slipped a little bit further into the sewer of corruption.

Tricky Dick must be furious that his missing 18 minutes got him thrown out of office when Hillary Clinton left our national secrets vulnerable to every tin horn thug that might have managed to hack that server she kept in the basement. I am sure that in a crisis with Vladimir or the Chinese if they have the goods on Hillary she will cave in order to protect her power and position. That is what will keep me awake if she gains access to the White House. I guess we might never know because like everything else she would hide that from the American people.

Bye Bye Miss American Pie the Chevy just drove over the levee.


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