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Looking forward to the upcoming Presidential debates and learning each candidates ideas and vision to improve our economy stimulate job growth- restore our borders and restore law and order.

I understand that Hillary “Email” Clinton stated at a event celebrating Labor Day that her coughing was due to an allergic reaction to hearing Donald Trumps name.

So-I propose to

only to refer to each candidate as listed below during the Presidential debates to prevent any medical issue-disturbance occurring during the upcoming debates!

Businessman-real estate developer=Donald Trump

Career politician-lawyer=Hillary Clinton

I would also propose that elevated stages be constructed and that on each side of the stage stairs with 20-25 steps for each candidate to climb as they are introduced as candidate to be our next President!

Our Republic requires a strong leader who will restore our economy-restore our Constitution and restore our Republic.

I am very concerned with our large growing National debt of $ 21 Trillion dollars and the

upcoming IMF action on October 1st to add the Yuan-China’s currency to the world currency reserve is a sign that the dollar being the Worlds reserve currency could be coming to an end- which will hurt our economy-businesses and lead to a weaker America!

I am so ready to vote for a freedom loving-limited government advocate as our next President.

We can not afford to elect another BIG government advocate who will continue to the tax and spend agenda that has lead us to $ 21 Triilion dollars National debt.

Let’s restore our Republic and elect a strong PATRIOT as our next President-Commander In Chief- so our Republic remains free and strong for generations to come.

My favorite political quote is from Thomas Jefferson who said “ACTION will define YOU”…

Let’s  elect a person of “ACTION”  to restore our Republic as our next President-Commander In Chief!

YES WE CAN elect a strong leader to improve our economy-restore our Republic and the rule of law.

“PATRIOT for President-2016”  to restore our Republic-the United States Of America!


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