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Since the founding of our nation , running for and being elected to a office to represent the people, qualities that was normally associated with someone to hold office , integrity, honesty, trustworthy, citizen, hard worker, usually just shop owners or hunters and frontiersmen, which came with its share of temper, and sometimes old fashioned street fisticuffs. Daniel Boone, President Washington, Adams, Monroe, Franklin, Jefferson to name a few. There was also this known idea that you didn’t go to Washington to live and become a permanent fixture, and be carried out by 6 to a cemetery  down the street.

These days its a racket, worse than street gangs, drug dealers, even organized crime, because while these few named criminal elements among many are well defined and recognized, today’s politician both right and left have polished the POWER CRIME SYNDICATE to such a level that with out a trained eye you don’t even see a problem. And even more outrageous is the fact that the American people have become so used to and even numb to the corruption, lies, deception, and murder as just the way things are done, that its actually supported and justified as long as its my party of choice. Justice seldom arrives at the crooked , lying  politicians door, and because of the dirt, skeletons, and political favors owed down right law breaking goes unchecked and unanswered by Lady Justice. Lying before the U.S. Congress and Senate used to bring immediate scorn, and swift action against the perpetrator, and intentionally sabotaging and helping infiltrate, and subvert the Government was treason and to intentionally not uphold and defend the Constitution brought the wrath of every American upon the offender. No so much today it business as usual and in some cases heroic if you are doing it in defense of your political affection.

Today you can be Nominated to the Highest office in the land , after intentionally causing the death of innocent American citizens, who were doing their duties by carrying out some suicide mission, and without question died hero’s. Brian Terry a border patrol agent died doing his job, but a victim of a political process. The Holy Land Foundation Trial, evidence held in a government storage somewhere, and politicians giving one another cover, and covering up valuable national security information that would undoubtedly save american lives, and yet because people would embarrassed or shamed these and many other cases will stay hidden because of corrupt politicians who value their political careers, and their assumption that they should die in office.

Today seems quite a lesson in lawlessness, the destruction of great American institutions; and such political friendly government programs and agencies that enforce them are all a scheme to keep career politicians in office for life the War on drugs, war on poverty, on and on are all problems that could have and should have been placed in history books and how they were solved. However ever growing ever intrusive government can only find band aids and temporary fixes that continue to need politicians in office for life, and their continued vote buying and broken promises to fix these continued decade old problems. Race and Gender and now sexual identity is now the newest forms of areas the crooks of capitol hill chose to medal in and pick sides and buy more votes; race and gender hustlers like Rev Jessie Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton, President Obama, and many others keeps the flames a roaring and the dream keeps dying and even freedom seems to be a distance memory.

Hence the call for the Trump Train to run through Washington DC and with his normal demeanor pull the curtains off so much of the B.S. that is Capitol Hill!


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