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Robert Swan Mueller III is replacing the late Peter Sellers “Inspector Clueseau” of “Pink Panther” fame on the stage of American journalism and jurisprudence with a stunt no one out of Junior High School would believe!  He has put into evidence two terabytes of Russians social media evidence” apparently intending to admit it into evidence in a court case!  This is enough data for 250 billion words!  All in Russian!

The Daily Caller reports: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Wednesday revealed his office is prepared to flood two terabytes of Russian social media content, without any translation, into the court record to comply with a discovery request by one of the defendants in his collusion case.  The government’s lead attorney, Jeannie Sclafani Rhee, confirmed her office had compiled two terabytes of Russian-language social media content and confirmed little of it was translated saying, “The government did not translate every single word and doesn’t have to,” she told the court and having been in many courts we cannot imagine that to be the case.  To be considered “in evidence” a document has to be readable by a jury.

The tactic was denounced by Eric Dubelier, the American attorney retained by Concord Management and Consulting, one of three Russian companies indicted by Mueller last February as part of a “shotgun” indictment of 13 Russian individuals in his Russian collusion case.  The defendants are accused of “conspiracy to defraud the United States” for interfering in the 2016 presidential election, the indictment said.  It is likely Mueller did this thinking none of the Russians would respond, but he apparently is unaware of the fact a company like Concord Management, doing business internationally would have to respond or risk getting shut out of financial institutions per trade treaties as these were sham charges of the kind Mr. Mueller famous for filing.

Mueller is notorious for thin-evidence, heavy-hands and a high failure rates.  He is high-born, high-educated, ex-Marine with several Purple Hearts, a cultivated appearance and speech, walks with his left hand in his pants pocket like Gary Cooper.

“Bob” prosecuted the Hells Angels for drug running in 1979 with 18 charges and lost 13 cases for over-charging, then all five of his convictions were overturned on appeals.  11 individuals were re-tried, but all ended in mistrials.

Then he moved to Boston and took on an East German physicist who had been stealing nuclear secrets, but fumbled the case and the physicist was released untried.  He then convicted virologist Steven Hatfield on defective or faked evidence as Hatfield showed he had no access to the Anthrax virus as falsely accused. Hatfield sued and won $5.8 million for “malicious prosecution” damages.  These are typical of Mueller cases.  He appears to be the “Clueseau” of American Federal prosecutors.

In this investigation he broke into Paul Manafort’s house before dawn when Manafort and wife were present, handcuffed them, grabbed documents and personal property in a Fourth Amendment Constitutional violation.  We say Mr. Manafort has a cause of action on this incident and predict this will be another multi-million Dollar “abuse of process” case against Mueller he will lose and we will pay millions in damages for adding to the many millions Robert Swan Mueller III has racked up against America in a career only DC swamp creatures could enjoy.

Bumbling Bob bungles again!

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