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Leftwing anger and resentment over Brexit was spewed all across the media the past two days.  The say that conservatives are fomenting xenophobia – an irrational fear of strangers, and that closing off their countries to people from other lands is racism!  They say the same about those who support Donald Trump and his call to build a wall between the USA and Mexico.

“Build bridges not walls” makes a great campaign slogan, but it is not an intelligent philosophy when the people on the other side of the river want to steal from you, rape you, and destroy you.  It’s no different than cities that have built mass transit from the suburbs to downtown.  People from the ghettos use it to get to the suburbs where they can steal from those who fled the ghettos to get away from them.

Mexicans are coming into America and demanding the U.S. cede territory back to Mexico.  Conservatives respond saying, “If you think Mexico is so great then go back and live there instead of coming to America to steal from us!”  Liberals respond saying, “We shouldn’t have borders and all people are welcome.

Obama has been welcoming Islamic jihadis into America and the results have been seen in Ft. Hood, Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando.  If he is so welcoming of strangers then why is he building a bigger fence around the White House instead of taking the locks off of his doors?  But that doesn’t stop his Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch from saying we should disarm in the face of Jihadi’s and embrace people of other cultures as if they are all benign.

Leftist don’t want illegal immigrants because they make the country a better place.  America was not built by illegal immigrants.  Leftists confuse colonizing four hundred years ago with immigration because they lack the education to understand the difference of the meaning of words and history.  They also lack the moral compass of the difference between the meanings behind building walls and bridges.  Both can be built for either defensive or offensive purposes.

What those Democrats in power want is to let the unskilled laborers into America so that they don’t have to send jobs overseas for cheap labor.  Instead they are importing the cheap labor into America at the expense of American citizens.  This is what was happening at the end of the 19th century to break strikes, which is why unions were formed.  Now they’re doing it again under the guise of civil rights and racism and ignorant Democrats are falling for it.

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