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Violent attacks on teachers in secondary schools are epidemic and clearly a product of liberalism in education.  We need some “old time religion” as proper training makes such behavior unthinkable.

If you are a senior citizen when you were in elementary school your teachers were women that used paddles about once a week to keep an orderly learning environment.   Now 31 states have outlawed the paddle in schools and all are having trouble with attacks on female teachers.

In our day few boys escaped the dreaded words, “Drop your trousers, bend over and put your hands on that chair.”  We had one teacher who would say to mothers, “No boy’s education is complete until he has been paddled.”  All mothers would nod.  The experience made such an impression on miscreants bad behavior vanished into great respect for anything in high heels and hair in a bun.

Your butt tingled for two days after a paddling and you got very tired of answering, “What did it feel like?” Your concern was how to avoid ever having it happen again.  Just hearing someone “get it,” animated your anal sphincter and that happened about once a week.

Now students challenge and attack teachers knowing nothing will happen to them especially if they are minorites.  Some teachers actually fear their students! Any wonder there is a serious shortage of teachers? Parents have turned from full support for schools and teachers to using any opportunity to sue schools for money. This is yet another institution lawyers have ruined ranking only one place behind legislatures. We are in decay and we do not mean the small town in Illinois of the same name.

When we got paddled we did everything to keep it from our parents as we would get another spanking at home for, “…having disgraced the family.” Sitting through dinner with a burning butt was a challenge. You were as nervous as cat in a dog pound.  Acting casual was difficult and there were friend’s mothers to worry about. You jumped when the phone rang.

Getting sent to the Principal’s office meant the paddle for sure and out in the hall where everyone in school would hear it.  You went back to class with a red face, tears, and snot running from your nose, nursing the one paper towel you were given by your spanker.  Everyone was grinning, snickering and laughing as you sat and winced in pain.

Under the teacher’s canon “en loco parentis,” school paddling links to the innate mother’s hand “swat on the butt” to keep little fingers from animal mouths, fires, embers, range burners or light sockets.

Paddles are applied where no bones are broken.  School spanking melds with mother love.  Who loves you more than mom?  Female teachers enter that envelope for either sex with a paddle in hand, but 99% of all swats are given to boys.  Paddling girls is rare and it is done in virtual secrecy.

Mother’s say, “Remember, mother loves you,” WHAP!  School teachers say, “Don’t forget, we all love you,” WHAP!  Same message.

Spanking enables juvenile transference from mother to other females. Lady teachers are stepping stones to manhood for boys. Not surprisingly, paddled boys wash the same teacher’s blackboards and carry their books home in a mix of respect, crush and insurance.

A Good spanking technique makes no bruises.  Correct swings are measured and of low force.  A gentle swing makes plenty of stings. Paddles are effective without bruising.  Swatting skill can be part of the teacher training program as light paddling works so well in the classroom it should be taught for credit.  And, there is something to be said for knowing what you are dispensing.

In Singapore caning is used for misdemeanors and they have the lowest rate of recidivism for shoplifting, DUI and domestic violence, where it is particularly appropriate.  Again, “Once is enough” or if you have been there, “Once is too much!”  Nonetheless…

Russian psychotherapist, V. Speransky, has used the cane very effectively treating depression, guilt psychoses and suicide prevention that have been notoriously hard to treat.  This suggests a physiological response generates a hormone in addition to restoring psychological balance.  It is thought women’s ability to cry relieves stress in a way good for heart health. Could we treat male heart disease with a paddle? Many women would eagerly say “Yes!” after living with an uptight “Type A personality” for a decade.

Freudian psychology is predicated on relieving guilt, talking people out of feeling bad for their stupidity, rule-breaking and bad behaviors.  Why not paddle to resolve the issues?  It would be faster and cheaper which is the real reason it may never happen in pricy western culture.

In England, Europe, the Far East, and Russia, the cane is used in schools. They are made of Rattan, a reed-like cane without nodes. It is smooth and works well applied to pants or underwear, but can break bare skin and cause serious infections.  That never happens with paddles unless they have holes, which should not be used as they leave ringed welts that sting for a week and occasionally break the skin and infect dangerously..

American psychologists generally take issue with the concept of punishing guilt and not excusing it in the great tradition in Freudian psychotherapy, But, it may be far more effective punishing with a paddle as it is harmless and more likely to end bad behavior than will excusing it.  Patients actually feel better having “paid the price” for sins and repeat offend less often.

The Administrative Credential for school Principals could include a paddling credential calling it “Corporal Therapy” and require said official to certify teachers to ensure good technique and inspire respect for school administrators as bad teachers may require refresher training at the Principal’s discretion.  This alone could improve the quality of instruction markedly.

Certainly, paddle spanking should return to the schools, perhaps be used in punishing misdemeanants and in psychotherapy as all of these fields are in need of improvement, efficiency and cost-cutting. So, we say to America, “Bring back the paddle.”

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