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So the short answer is neither, and allow me the opportunity to explain why. First, what is Brexit, and why? No country has ever decided to leave the European Union — until now. The UK’s vote to separate from the EU reverberated around the world Friday, causing markets to crash and setting off emotional peals of thunder. The European Union is the union of Western European countries having one centralized governing bodies, and on Thursday, the UK voted to fall from the union in what some had described as Britain’s Independence Day!!!

So how could this help either of the U.S. assumed candidates for POTUS? Well, Donald was out in front with a quick sprint to celebrate this breakup because it “showed an unhappiness with big government”, While Hillary was much slower at responding with a subdued, not the best choice that UK could have chosen.

Donald Trump wants to limit the Constitution of the United States by prostituting the First Amendment by limiting the control of media and Religion. We have heard Donald on several occasions whining about the media supposedly “lying” about his very colored past, and even more “flipping and flopping” of every position so he can state he is following the position he had during the election. Then we have heard him tell America he would use a religious test on whom he would allow and not allow in America. Now never in the 240 years of America has either of these two tactics been used to control the American citizen. Today it could be media, and Muslims, tomorrow it could be your Twitter comment or Menorah.  No to have a Brexit style vote to rid Washington of all politicians and give so much control to Donald would not help the citizens, nor the Constitution. Even to have a wave of politicians of similar thinking as Donald would be risking the loss of the Constitution, and specifically the First Amendment.

While Donald eyes the First Amendment, Hillary is itching to limit if not completely destroy the second Amendment and the right of each citizen to own a gun for protection of family, home, and country. No the Second Amendment is not for hunting, or the ability to have a gun if you are part of the militia only, but for individual ownership. America needs to stop limiting guns, and start getting help for the mentally unstable, and stop felons from getting guns. That, in other words is to identify, and adhere to the current laws that limit ownership by mentally unstable and convicted felons. We do not need to punish the innocent for the sins of the criminal, and incapable. First it will be no-fly lists, then it will be the amount of ammunition you can legally have then it will go to the type and number of firearms that each citizen can legally own. We have seen such laws go completely debase in Chicago and other Liberal havens. No to go completely Brexit and vote in office a bunch of liberals who want to destroy the Constitution which has been shown to be their agenda over the last eight years would not be good for America.

Shock rolled through global markets Friday, and U.S. stocks dove right along with them. The Dow closed down 611 points, 3.4%, while the S&P 500 lost 3.6%. The NASDAQ dropped 4.12%, down 10% from its recent high. Signs of panic by the wealthy and powerful who have either ran or are trying to run America got a little nervous with such a demonstration of Brits who want their British Constitution back.

Celebrations erupted in London streets, while anger erupted elsewhere. You’ve stolen our future, say Britain’s youngsters, 64% of whom voted to stay. This perfectly shows that the young want to be pampered and treated like babies for years, while adult voters knew what true struggle, and true pride in the Constitution, and laws of Britain truly outdo the desire of the young and uninformed. The possibility of a less stable Europe means economic risk at home, plus a few more concerns. The good news is your UK vacation just got a lot cheaper. Obama tried to put a good face on it all, saying the U.S. will still be special friends with the UK. As you might expect, Trump suggested Obama was to blame for the Brexit, yet cheered the vote for independence as a herald of his own predicted success. He said all this from his own golf course in Scotland, which, as we mentioned before, was pretty firmly in the stay camp. So while Donald may state he knew that the UK would follow “his” lead, and just say no to a huge bureaucracy, the fact is that he and his properties are beholden to big government, and controlling laws.

The end result is a time for another Day of Independence in America, but Independence from lying, thieving, wealthy candidates that have no true understanding of the common American, and even less informed on how these voters want to vote, and that neither Hillary for Democrats, or Donald for Republicans are the choices of Fly – over America voters. Americans want to know they are secure, that laws are strong, and that the Founding Fathers had it right with the strongest piece of legislation ever written, the Constitution is followed.


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