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Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States of America, we have officially designated Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of this country, even though the establishment media outlets and politicians tried everything in their power to stop this from happening. A future of lower taxes, fewer regulations, a secure America, and a prosperous America awaits all of us, regardless whom you voted for.

These so-called “faithless-electors” was an immature pipe-dream of the radical left in this country, and it could almost be a blessing in disguise for those of us Americans who are ready to start making America great again! These “celebrities” who were pushing such lunacy have outed themselves as treasonous filth, no longer worthy of the American people’s monetary support via buying movie tickets and blu-rays to these people’s products. America should vote with their dollars and stop spending their hard-earned dollars on Hollywood productions, as the people behind those productions are entirely against a strong and prosperous America.

The idea of having “faithless-electors” would be reasonable if the people of this country had not spoken so loudly regarding who they wanted for President. If somehow “the people” of America were cheated, then and only then could faithless electors be considered a good thing. In this case, however, the people spoke clearly and elected Trump in an absolute landslide and faithless-electors would have been showing their lack of faith to the American people had they reversed this election.

Regardless, this despicable plan to subvert the American people has failed. Americans should now come together and start moving forward. Many good Americans were not supportive of President Barrack Obama (if that really is even his name), yet we had to sit back in our seats, deal with it and continue being Americans for 8 years. Why is the radical left so scared of doing this? The voters in this nation spoke, and the brainwashed few who were fighting Trump, were in reality fighting the American people and delegitimizing their desires for the leader of the country. Simply put…celebrities do not know more about being everyday Americans than everyday Americans!

My personal recommendation to those still protesting and crying is to unite with your fellow Americans and begin to move forward. It is easily provable that the mainstream media outlets and establishment politicians lied to the American people heavily over the past year and a half, and it is time to start picking up those pieces and unite under the Star – Spangled Banner. The future of America is NOT Donald J. Trump, but rather it is in “We the People!”

It is up to us whether this country is successful or not, and step #1 is to go after the lying and deceitful power-establishment in this country. Holding those accountable for their actions against the people of this nation should be priority #1, in order to prevent similar situations in the future.  I know some will disagree with that, and argue that the economy, or our borders, or national security should be a higher priority. Yes, all of those are important aspects and are also areas of concern for the Trump administration and I fully-expect that those very important aspects will be addressed. But we cannot move the proverbial football forward until we correct these criminal behaviors exhibited at the very highest levels of government in this country.  The only way we can accomplish this, is to hold these people accountable for their actions. Once some politicians see their corrupt friends being tried in a courtroom and locked in a jail cell for their traitorous actions, then the inkling to commit such acts will be extinguished. Drain that swamp Mr. Trump! Then we can focus on the economy, the education system, immigration, and national security.




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