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With the upcoming invasion of thousands of migrants coming with the intention of crashing our borders and virtually taking over our country, it was astonishing to hear that the White House said the military would be sent to protect our border, BUT, now hear this, they would not have live ammunition!  WHAT???

So how will the military protect our country? Perhaps they would throw their rifles and handguns at the intruders hoping to knock them out. Sure. This columnist could not imagine President Trump giving such an order. But that is what has been reported on the “Mainstream Media.”

This column suggested that if ever there was a time for citizen militias to suit up, this would be it.  THIS IS WAR! Make no mistake about it. Those in the caravan have the goal of sabotaging America, which is part and parcel of Hungarian Jewish Communist George Soros who has been planning for this and financing it for a long time.

Now the Dems have unraveled another strategy. As readers will remember, the Black Panthers fully armed tried to threaten voters a few years ago. Why they were not arrested and jailed is a question for Jeopardy.

Column Contributor Lawrence Craig informed us that The “New” Black Panther Party, which is armed with Assault weapons and ready to go, are supporting Democrat Stacy Adams who has no platform except to be a useful idiot for the Communist Party.  New-Age Oprah showed up to boost her by bringing to mind hatred, the lynching of men and women and oppression from 100 years ago as a reason to vote for Stacy Adams.

One must remember that the Ku Klux Klan was a hate organization created and fulfilled by Democrats!  Get that?

Mr. Craig also informed us that the University of Wisconsin that hosted three-day early voting sites and putting extra resources into providing students with the documentation they need to register and vote–ALL students, is handing out voter ID’s to foreign students so they can vote. As Mr. Craig writes, “These university officials are those we have entrusted to educate our college students and prepare them. (?)

Many of the students are foreign nationals and noncitizens…it’s like printing out a generic background check that is rubber stamped by the authenticity of the university.” And you can bet that all students were advised to vote for Democrats.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6th, the midterm elections will take place. Do not, again, DO NOT under any circumstances, vote a Democrat in for any reason. To do so is to vote for the destruction of the United States of America. To vote for a Democrat is a vote for Communism.

It is to be noted that this writer was a Democrat for a number of years, whose cousin was the last good Democrat President.

We have been told that the Texas Militia has begun to gather to meet the caravan invaders with force, not blanks but the force which is especially needed at this time, bringing us back to the days of the founding of our country.

Again, this is WAR. We cannot let this happen. Other militias in the U.S. please take notice. Nothing is more important for all of us than to stop this caravan with whatever it takes to do so. And this may settle things once and for all.

And citizens, by all means, be certain that your homes are protected with firepower. It is your duty to your family and country to get out and VOTE. And for the sake of our families and country, vote Republican.

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